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Episode 149 – A Techno Tales From the Crypt
February 13, 2018

This episode we welcome guests Shawn, Dairic, and Shane. Topics include the Nintendo Switch, Black Mirror, Shadow of the Colossus, sex dolls, and wrestling. We run the gamut on this one and have a gool ole time. Enjoy! #bignatties  

Listen to Iconoclash
January 15, 2018

Just a little reminder to listen to my new podcast Iconoclash that I do with my good pal Robby “Ends” Finale. You will no longer get Iconoclash in the Keezie show podcast feed, so be sure to subscribe to the...

Iconoclash S01E03 – RPGeniuses
January 10, 2018

This episode we mostly clash about some of our favorite RPG’s including Fable, The Elder Scrolls Series, and so on and so forth forever. We rattle off some stuff we’re looking forward to in the new year, and chit chat...

S.E.T. Podcast Episode 1
January 04, 2018

Hey, listen! This is the debut episode of a podcast called S.E.T. – which stands for Sports, Entertainment, and Technology. This show features past and future Keezie Show guest Myles, and his pals Minar...

Iconoclash S01E02 – Clashing in the New Year
January 01, 2018

Welcome to episode 2 of Iconoclash! This episode we discuss what we got for xmas, digital games vs. physical discs, and race stuff! Enjoy the ride! Subscribe on itunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music Podcasts...

Iconoclash S01E01 – The Beta
December 20, 2017

This is Iconoclash! A brand new podcast from Kyle and Rob Every week we discuss topics of interest and find out where our minds align – AND CLASH (at least that’s what we’re rolling with for now) Subscribe on whatever...

Episode 148 – Slice a Little Bit Off the Cheese
October 01, 2017

This episode we welcome guests Josh G, Dairic, and Eric! We spend a lot of time daydreaming about the glory days of being a juggalo, while touching on what it’s like to be a juggalo today. Don’t forget to rate...

Episode 147
June 18, 2017

This episode features guests Josh, Eric, and Nick!

Episode 146
June 11, 2017

This episode features guests Paula, Shane, Josh, and Ben!

Episode 145 – Bendydick Crumblybum is a Great Actor
May 21, 2017

This episode we have tons of guests! Newcomer (but OG friend) Ben joins us, and we also welcome back Josh, Heather, Eric, Dairic, and Chris! Shane joins us for a bit toward the end, and (coincidentally of course) the show...