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JFD594: Altered States, Hard Core Logo, Breakdown
November 19, 2021

We're handing over the reigns again to our beloved Patreon Pals this week, and they've selected a trio of wild cult flicks for us to watch and discuss! Up first! It's 1980's Altered States, Ken Russel

JFD593: Dick Tracy, The Rocketeer, The Shadow
November 12, 2021

  Junk Food Dinner knows what evil lurks in the hearts of podcast listners. Grab your best dame, it's 1930s pulp heroes week! First, Warren Beatty is the stoic yellow-clad detective who goes to w

JFD592 - The Boogens (full-length audio commentary)
November 05, 2021

Can you believe it? Another 100 movies reviewed on JFD! And as we do after every 100 movies, we are doing a full-length audio commentary on a movie voted on by you, the listeners! And this time by an

JFD591: Eyes of a Stranger, Fatal Exposure, Wes Craven's New Nightmare
October 29, 2021

Happy Halloween, Junkies! It's the final week of Schlocktober and we've got the perfect mix of movie chats and funny goofs to spice up your holiday. As demanded by YOU, the listener: it's Slasher Week

JFD590: Starsky & Hutch, The Flinstones meet Rockula and Frankenstone. The Aquabats!
October 22, 2021

  Get your halloween candies ready! We're watching 3 Halloween episodes of classic TV shows this week! First, Starsky and Hutch are chasing a vampire around LA. Co-starring John Saxon, Colleen Ca

JFD589: Daughters of Darkness, Spellcaster, Banshee Chapter
October 14, 2021

This week, Schlocktober continues with a trio of spooky flicks picked by those sick maniacs, the Dom DeLuise Patreon donors! Up first, a couple's stay at a hotel is interrupted when a duo of sexy vamp

JFD588: The Snow Woman, Baba Yaga, Witching and Bitching
October 08, 2021

It's Witch week, junkies, so break out those broomsticks and get spooked with these three international tales of witchcraft. Up first! It's 1968's The Snow Woman, from Japan. This classic folklore tal

JFD587: Don't be Afraid of the Dark, Hiruko the Goblin, Goblin
October 01, 2021

  Schlocktober is finally here and we're making sure Goblins are represented this week! First, a trio of homunculi are unleashed in an old mansion in the made-for-tv classic "Don't be Afraid of t

JFD586: JFDTV 2021
September 23, 2021

Once again, we switch things up a bit, take a break from movies and instead resurrect the ghost of MTV past by watching a bunch of old music videos!  Up first, Kevin picks a handful of music vide

JFD585: Hot Stuff, Crime Wave, Tough Guys Don't Dance
September 17, 2021

The results are in! We've got the official thoughts and criticisms and witticisms regarding the THREE weird movies our everlasting friends from the Dom Deluise Patreon Club have picked for us this mon