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Junk Food Dinner

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JFS27: Twin Peaks - The Missing Pieces
December 02, 2023

  We had to go back! To the wacky world of Twin Peaks! We're re-reviewing FIRE WALK WITH ME now that Bowman's seen the series, and also reviewing TWIN PEAKS - THE MISSING PIECES (from 2014)! Get

JFS26: National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1
November 24, 2023

Parker and Sean are back with a movie where no one goes underground! How can this be? First, the guys go over all the upcoming movies coming to theaters for the rest of the year. What will we see? Wha

JFS25: Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)
November 17, 2023

  We had to go back! To the center of the earth! But this time, with fake-ass Hawiian volcano matte paintings! And Emo Phillips (kind-of)! It's Journey to the Center of the Earth from 1988! (or m

JFS24: Hi, Mom!
November 10, 2023

  Your JFS boys are back with another banger of an episode! First, we wonder what was on TV at the same time as Twin Peaks and watch a compilation of the intros from all the debuting TV shows of

JFD669: Dracula AD 1972, Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, Bad Boys
November 05, 2023

Junk Food Dinner returns for our November episode (definitely not our Halloween episode) where we discuss British vampires, Japanese dinosaurs and Chicago juvenile delinquents!  Up first, Christo

JFS23: Frankenstein General Hospital
October 27, 2023

  It's time for us to review the comedic spookshow that nobody asked for! Our month-long horror celebration continues with our review of Frankenstein General Hospital from 1988! But first! We cha

JFD22: John Carpenter's Vampires
October 20, 2023

Your JFS boys are back with an episode that will give you wood so get your mahogony ready! We talk about John Carpenter's Vampires from 1998 starring James Woods, one of the Baldwins and Sheryl Lee of

JFS21: Motel Hell
October 13, 2023

  Take a Schlocktober road trip with the JFS boys this week as we head out on the highway in search of smoked meats and Halloween treats. Our month-long horror celebration continues with our revi

JFD668: The Curse of Frankenstein, Jigoku, Pet Sematary Two
October 07, 2023

Boo, dudes! JFD resturns with our annual Schlocktober spook-tacular with three flicks to get you into the Halloween season!  Up first, Peter Cushing stars as Victor Frankenstein, the fabled mad s

JFS20: Cherry Falls
September 29, 2023

It's a Junk Food Supper miracle! We kick off Schlocktober with the movie they said we'd never do -- Cherry Falls! First, Sean and Parker discuss their trip to the Mojave desert. What meals were eaten,