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JFD506: Tampopo, Suburban Commando, The Loved Ones
March 06, 2020

We're back with three crazy Patreon picks this week! First, the world's only ramen western sees a group of Japanese cowboys mosey into a noodle restaurant and, well, things get weird from there. It's "Tampopo" from 1985. Next, Hulk Hogan is a space super

JFD505: Lost in Space: No Place to Hide, The Grandmother, Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo
February 28, 2020

Y'all ever feel like all these 75 minute low-budget science fiction features are far too lengthy? Good news, junkies: we've shortened the sci-fi! It's our signature Short Films week for the month of Sci-Fi Ebruary! Up first! We start at the only sane, log

JFD504: Silent Running, Fire in the Sky, Official Denial
February 21, 2020

The three crewmen on Space Station JFD can't do it alone. Sometimes they must enlist the help of outsiders... aliens, if you will. And this week we welcome special guest alien Shelby Cobras to discuss three Sci-Fi Patreon picks! Up first, Bruce Dern is t

JFD503: Day the World Ended, Damnation Alley, 2020 Texas Gladiators
February 14, 2020

Sci-Fi-Ebruary continues, though the world ends! It's apocalypse week on JFD as we take a look at three movies that depict the end of the world. First, a group of random survivors seek to re-start civilization if the monsters leave them alone long enough

JFD502: It! The Terror from Beyond Space, Creation of the Humanoids, Die, Monster Die!
February 07, 2020

Get ready, grandpas and grandmas! It's Sci-Fi Ebuary and we're here to review three of your favorite old-ass movies! Up first! We start at the only sane, logical, or respectable place: 1958's It! The Terror from Beyond Space, a proto-Alien spaceflick with

JFD501: Harvey, Being There, Spaceballs
January 31, 2020

We asked our Dom DeLuise Patreon donors put together three solid gold bangers and we'd select one lucky winner's trio to do on the show and we landed on Elise's eclectic mix of classy cult comedies. Up first, James Stewart plays a mild mannered alcoholic

Junk Food Dinner: Episode Five Hundred
January 25, 2020

We're back, Junkies! It's episode five goddamn hundred. Can you even believe it? Most of you weren't even born yet when we started the show! We're not watching any movies this week, just partying with some friends. We're joined by Mike Dikk, Shelby Cobras

JFD499: Sole Survivor, On the Silver Globe, Welcome to the Doll House
January 17, 2020

Now, just wait a dang minute - you're telling me those Junk Food Dinner boys are doing January's Patreon Picks episode already? Hoo boy, it's about to get wild. Up first! We start at the only sane, logical, or respectable place: Sole Survivor, from 1983.

JFD498: Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls, Dreams in the Forbidden Zone, The Witches of Breastwick
January 10, 2020

Happy 2020, everybody! We're back and we're ringing in the New Year with our traditional 'Happy Nude Year' episode. What better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than to bask in some of the weirdest and wildest skin flicks to ever hit the back

JFD Rewind #6 - The Re-Rewindening
January 02, 2020

It's time for JFD Rewind Episode Number Six! As we perfunctorily explain at the head of each of these annual compilation clip shows, your charming Junk Food Dinner hosts are unwilling and/or unable to perform their regular duties in this very hectic holi