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JFD550: That Man From Rio, The Rift, China O'Brien
January 15, 2021

JFD is back and this week, it's action packed! Alright, maybe not packed. In fact, there's some pretty boring parts in all these movies. But still, there's definitely some action in there!  Up first, Sean tries to convince Parker that the French can

JFD549: The House on Bare Mountain, VideoBone, Edward Penishands
January 07, 2021

We know it can be hard to get yourself going at the head of a new year, so we've decided to review three pornography films to get your blood racing. How long into this episode can you last before exploring other options? Celebrate the certification of our

JFD Rewind #7 - The Seventh Rewind
January 01, 2021

It's time for JFD Rewind Episode Number Seven! As we perfunctorily/redundantly explain at the head of each of these annual compilation clip shows, your charming Junk Food Dinner hosts are unwilling and/or unable to perform their regular duties in this ve

JFD548: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, Blood Beat, Santa's Slay
December 26, 2020

  Merry Christmas, Junkies! We've got three weird ass Christmas movies for you this week so grab those cookies and glasses of milk! First, Santa is stuck on a Florida beach and the only one who can save him is a lactose-loving rabbit in "Santa and t

JFD547: Bikini Drive-in, Freeway, Inland Empire
December 17, 2020

We're getting close to putting a bow on 2020 and wrapping up this God-forsaken year, so for our second-to-last show of the year, we're diving into three uniquely weird and sleazy flicks for a uniquely weird and sleazy year. Up first, a young woman (Kim T

JFD546: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Alien Factor, Ninja Zombie
December 11, 2020

It's been a long & lonely year in Junk Food Dinner land, without all the late-nite Corn Gorn partying and early-morning Ghoul Summer partying we're used to. The only silver lining in this hellish cloudscape has been the steadfast support of our loyal Dom

JFD545: High Anxiety, the Funhouse, Nothing but Trouble
December 04, 2020

  We're back with an almost the end of the year cry for help! We all accidentally picked high stress movies about paranoia and anxiety this week! First, Mel Brooks plays a pyschiatrist who gets mixed up in a conspiracy in the Hitchcock spoof "High A

JFD544: F.A.R.T. The Movie, American Flatulators, Les Patterson Saves the World
November 26, 2020

Happy Fartsgiving, everyone! We know that a day full of stuffing your face with meats, veggies and carbs is certainly going to lead to some intestinal discomfort. So we're here to wallow in the stinky aftermath with you and we've brought along three fart

JFD543: Cher... And Other Fantasies, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Your Studio and You
November 19, 2020

Stop everything you are doing! Except for reading this, which you'll need to continue to do so that we can tell you about this INCREDIBLE PODCAST EPISODE! Or, if you've already stopped reading: just donloyd and listen along as we review three short films.

JFD542: Why Did You Pick on Me?, Paris Texas, Summer Job
November 13, 2020

We're back with three flicks picked by our best friends on Patreon. First, Bud Spencer and an alin go on a road trip across Georgia while evading the law and punch fighting in "Why Did you Pick on Me?" Next, Harry Dean Stanton of "The Avengers" reappears