Jewish History Matters

Jewish History Matters

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33: Ultra-Orthodox Jews on Israeli TV with Shayna Weiss
October 06, 2019

In this episode we're excited to share a presentation by Shayna Weiss about Israeli TV titled "Black is the New Black: Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Israel, and the Globalization of Television," and a conversation with her about Israeli television,

32: A Jewish Annotated New Testament with Marc Brettler and Amy-Jill Levine
September 22, 2019

Marc Brettler and Amy-Jill Levine join us to discuss the Jewish Annotated New Testament: what it means to have a “Jewish” version of the NT, how we can effectively understand the NT within its historical and social context,

31: Translating the Bible with Robert Alter
September 08, 2019

For this episode, we are joined by Robert Alter to discuss his monumental translation of the Bible. Robert Alter has been translating the Bible for more than twenty years, beginning with his translation of Genesis published in 1996.

Bonus Episode: Why Modern Jewish Studies Matters with Mirjam Thulin and Jeffrey Blutinger
June 24, 2019

Mirjam Thulin and Jeffrey Blutinger join us for a conversation about the past and future of modern Jewish studies. We'll look at what’s at stake when in how people write and tell the history of the Jews, and delve into why studying the Jews has mattere...

30: Roundtable Discussion on the Materiality of Jewish Culture with Aleksandra Buncic, Nathan Mastnjack, David Sclar, and Jason Lustig
May 26, 2019

Listen to a roundtable discussion on the materiality of Jewish culture with B Buncic, David Sclar, Nathan Mastnjack, and Jason Lustig, who in 2018-19 have been Harry Starr Fellows in Judaica at Harvard's Center for Jewish Studies.

29: What Does It Mean for Israel to be a “Jewish” State? Defining Israel with Simon Rabinovitch
May 12, 2019

Simon Rabinovitch joins us to talk about Israel's nation-state law and his volume "Defining Israel: The Jewish State, Democracy and the Law."

28: Is Income Equality Possible? The Mystery of the Kibbutz with Ran Abramitzky
April 28, 2019

Ran Abramitzky discusses his book The Mystery of the Kibbutz: Egalitarian Principles in a Capitalist World, which explores how and why kibbutzim developed in Palestine and Israel and the relationship between income equality in kibbutzim with economic m...

27: Pedagogy and Public Engagement in Jewish Studies with Lori Lefkovitz, Sara Wolkenfeld, Matt Williams, Jason Lustig, and Pamela Nadell
April 14, 2019

Listen to a roundtable discussion about pedagogy and public engagement from the December 2018 Association for Jewish Studies conference in Boston, where Lori Lefkovitz, Sara Wolkenfeld, Matt Williams, and Jason Lustig,

26: Could It Happen Here? Fascism and Nazism in America with Steve Ross
March 31, 2019

Steve Ross joins us to talk about his book "Hitler in Los Angeles" and the history of fascist and pro-Nazi groups in LA, the real threat that fascism posed in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s, and what it teaches us, unfortunately,

25: The Kishinev Pogrom with Steven Zipperstein
March 17, 2019

Steven Zipperstein discusses the Kishinev pogrom and its afterlife in modern Jewish history and memory: the tremendous influence of Kishinev on how Jews have seen the world, the dangers of misinformation and propaganda,