Spotlight on IRT: Best Practices

Spotlight on IRT: Best Practices

Latest Episodes

Episode 8: IRTechnophobia – [noun] Fear of full-service IRT providers
November 05, 2018

Why you need to evaluate your IRT provider past just cost and timelines.

Episode 7: To Error is Human, But to Uncover The Root Cause is Divine; An In-Depth Look at IRT Software Investigations
October 16, 2018

Learn how errors occur in developing an IRT software and how vendors can avoid them.

Episode 6: Ensuring Right-Sized IRT Training for Any Sized Trial
October 11, 2018

Training is needed in any industry, but is required in the pharmaceutical world. Many companies overlook training on an IRT... READ MORE

Episode 5: Data Integrations: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask
September 17, 2018

Data drives the clinical trial world. In this episode, we discuss the modes and methods on obtaining your data from... READ MORE

Episode 4: Lost in Translation: The Importance of Foreign Language Accuracy in a Clinical Trial
September 03, 2018

Discover the importance and necessary considerations that need to be accounted for with foreign languages in clinical trials

Episode 3: IRT Design Considerations
August 20, 2018

Cut through the noise and discuss best practice options around customizations and flexibility that are a must for today’s IRT systems.

Episode 2: Completeness and Accuracy of the Clinical Supply Journey
August 06, 2018

"Completeness and accuracy of the clinical supply journey” features an in-depth discussion among industry experts on the vital importance of accurately keep track of drug supply and what type of monitoring is truly needed to remain compliant.

Episode 1: Relationship Management
July 24, 2018

Find out what successful relationship management looks like in a clinical trial.

The Spotlight on IRT: Best Practices Trailer
June 15, 2018

Listen for a preview of Spotlight on IRT: Best Practices podcast. Episode 1 is coming soon!