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Fall Wish List

September 18, 2019

Episode 17: Fall Wishlist Episode Notes

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss some fashion and beauty (and more) things that are on our radar for fall.

But first, it’s time for our weekly love and hate!

Weekly Love

Christine: Elite is back on Netflix (Three working class teens enroll in a private school in Spain, they clash with wealthy kids and it leads to murder) In Spanish, subtitles avilable. Like Spanish Gossip Girl)

Lindsay: The Amazon massager (affiliate link)

Weekly Hate

Christine: Shopping online and noticing that shoes have somehow gotten to be so expensive and yet they are completely ugly and made to look like they are old af, futuristic in the worst way possible, or a throwback to the shoes we never wanted to wear ever again

ALSO because I’m extra…

Influencers/Bloggers using days like 9/11 in their captions of them with an outfit post for

Lindsay: Blogger talking about obese people.


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