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Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/19/19
May 20, 2019

American Idol ended it’s most talented season with another WGWG winner. Congrats Laine Hardy. Your hosts are waiting for Alejandro’s release. The Final Pod with all the highlights:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 5/5/19
May 06, 2019

American Idol Top 6 night delivered. All were good. Some nearly great. Only Jeremiah went home as Laci was “saved”. Five sing it out for the finals next week. The Pod:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/28/19
April 29, 2019

American Idol Top 8 went to Top 6 on Queen night. Some great performances and some, well…. Laci won the night but Jeremiah and Laine also stepped up. The Pod:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/21/19
April 22, 2019

Idol does Disney. Pretty sure we were more fun. MVD slayed it. Laine getting all the votes and Alejandro is the best artist of the bunch. The POD:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/15/19
April 16, 2019

American Idol and America chose the Top 10. Ashley Hess was hosed but we mostly agree. Highlights from both Sunday and Monday shows are here: The Pod:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/8/19
April 09, 2019

Duet night 2: Jeremiah, Dimitrius, Alejandro, and Evelyn stood out. We release our predictions. Check the Pod:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/7/19
April 08, 2019

Duet night and some cuts. Laci, Asley, Madison strong and moved on. Bumbly with Shaggy earned our performance of the night and still went home! The Pod:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 4/1/19
April 02, 2019

Was this the best #AmericanIdol show ever? Laci, Wade, Alejandro, Jeremiah, Dimitrius and Laine led the fantastic performances. The Pod:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/31/19
April 01, 2019

Best night of singing so far! Lacy, Alajandro, Wade, Laine, and Jeremiah were stand outs. Check the Pod for full recap:  

Idol Radio Show Podcast 3/25/19
March 26, 2019

Hollywood Week Solos: Madison Van Denberg moves into Zip’s Top 5. Alejandro into DJ Slim’s (about time) and Laci Kaye still smokin’. Check the Pod: