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African leaders are failing to negotiate effectively for 4IR to really take off on the continent
August 06, 2019

Are African nations serious about 4th Industrial Revolution? Has the 4IR idea been reduced to slogans by politicians and business leaders? Remember the year 2000 when we had Y2K. The rhetoric around 4IR has gained a lot of momentum but will this translate

Characteristics Of Disintermediation - Internet Freedom & ICT Skills Movement
November 26, 2018

1. Finance: Elimination of financial intermediaries (banks, brokers, finance houses) between the suppliers of funds (savers/investors) and the users of funds (borrowers/investees). Disintermediation occurs when inflation rates are high but bank interest r

ICT Skills Training Institutions Directory for Africa
November 13, 2018 is a directory of ICT training institutions where students from all over the continent can easliy connect with service providers for learning. It is free and readily available for all.

Cyber Security - Secure yourself online
November 10, 2018

Conversation on raising awareness of the role of cyber security in SA. Why cyber security? What is cyber? What security? The institutional framework. The regulatory framework.