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The Human Tapestry Podcast

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SafferMaster and Lady Petra
May 23, 2021

This week, Im talking with SafferMaster and Lady Petra, a cisgender, straight, and very kinky couple who live in a full-time power exchange relationship, and hosts of the Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast.

Kristina Brooke Daniele
May 17, 2021

Today, Im talking with Kristina, a queer, black, sexual assault survivor who's been married to a straight, white man for 17 years. We had a great conversation about growing up in a Christian, black,

Mark, Four Years Later
May 06, 2021

Today, Im talking with Mark, another person I talked to about four years ago during my Intersections project. If you haven't heard that interview yet, you can hear it in last week's From the Vault ep

April 29, 2021

This week, Im talking with Amanda VanderBroek, who I interviewed about four years ago under her pen name: Leandra Vane. She's a kinky, poly, sexually fluid woman, and we had a great conversation talk

From the Vault: Leandra and Mark
April 26, 2021

You may have noticed a shift in the music. Since I've moved editing platforms, I didn't want to take the music from the creators on my old platform, so I found this nice song: Innovation by Jon Sib. I

April 19, 2021

If you've listened to this podcast for a little while, it may end up looking and sounding a little different, because I'm trying a new editing platform that allows for something I've wanted to set up

Clive and Julianna
April 12, 2021

It's been a while! Running a podcast in your spare time can be a challenge sometimes, and work and life commitments got in the way for a bit, but the guests I interviewed still deserve to be heard!

October 19, 2020

In this episode, Im catching up with Michael, who I talked to during my Intersections project. If you haven't heard it yet, you can listen to that conversation in the From the Vault episode that was

From the Vault: Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espizona
October 18, 2020

Last week, you heard my conversation with Doctor Robyn. Today, we're going back in the vault to hear the Intersections interview with them four years ago. It was the second interview I'd ever done,

Dr. Robyn
October 12, 2020

I'm still working out some of the hiccups with the podcast posting to the cloud, but I had to make sure to get this episode out today: the day after National Coming Out Day. That's because I had a