ANGEL LADY Movie Talk : How to Connect with Angels Podcast

ANGEL LADY Movie Talk : How to Connect with Angels Podcast

Patricia Zerman – Author of “Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Be Free” – Full Interview

January 10, 2020

Armed with her heart and a compelling idea, Patricia Zerman founded the Atlanta Awareness Center and has been providing dynamic personal and spiritual opportunities since 1988. Her sincere dedication has effectively transformed lives.

To help her survive personal challenges, Patricia discovered tools and techniques to get to the bottom of issues. Utilizing life experience, a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and a Georgia License,  she put a broad spectrum of material to the test. The answer she found provided welcome relief, guiding her to share this knowledge.

The Center provides a specialized form of teaching, quickly getting to the root of problems. Clients learn to love and respect themselves by taking risks that most individuals won’t.

They learn to get honest, stop avoiding, and identify the conditioning that runs them, enabling the rapid release of emotional blockage. Patricia helps clients practice practical skills, the “how to’s” learning to live what self-help and therapy teach. These techniques allow individuals to live now, take responsibility, end blame, fully experience emotions, as well as to forgive themselves and others. Most important, to act independently, not through other people’s opinions.

Patricia’s no-nonsense, action-oriented approach mixes piercing discernment with forthright honesty, eliminating self-avoidance. Clients nicknamed her The Laser Lady. She shocks by teaching people they must come first and why stressing the term Selfishness with a Capital “S.” Never sell yourself short. Results speak for themselves! Visit or contact the Awareness Center via email

In her new book, “12 Guaranteed Ways to Stay Free!” Patricia explains what we do to ourselves and how to stop it. It is written with a sense of humor, filled with lighthearted illustrations, and easy to understand.  12 Guaranteed Ways to stay free offers realistic quick solutions to emotional issues… if you are willing to risk and begin the journey.

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