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Harp's House

Harp's House #15: Conversation with Dr. Ally Hicks about the untimely death of ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez

April 21, 2017

Jonathan Harper, the award-winning journalist and creator of Harp’s House speaks with his relationship co-host Dr. Ally Hicks who is an Entertainment and Mental Health Expert with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. The “rated next” duo of up and comers talk relationship trials and tribulations and pop culture news weekly at Harp’s House.

This weeks topics include an in-depth look at the untimely death of ex-NFL star and New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez. Harper and Dr. Ally dive in the deep end about the taboo subject of suicide in this episode of Harp’s House as well.

Dr. Ally gives us warning signs to watch out for when someone we know may be thinking about taking their own life and she also speaks on empathy and sympathy as well.

Harper examines the social media response to Hernandez death and how his celebrity status plays a roll in the publics’ perception of the murder case he was convicted of and the other two murder charges he was recently acquitted of. Harper and Dr. Alley scrutinize why many people have trouble separating a celebrity from the reality of what that did that landed them in prison, as examined with OJ Simpson two decades ago in the murder trial of the century.

Dr. Alley drops jewels in the episode with verbal gems such as “we would rather be right than happy” and “people are said to be crazy when they are poor but eccentric when they are rich.”

Dr. Ally also touched on the importance of dealing with mental trauma as if it was physical trauma, which she says is often overlooked in our country. She says the more we ignore the problem and don’t face it head-on, the worse it becomes.

The Clinical Psychologist also speaks with Harper about suicidal triggers to look for in people who are going through tough times.

The talented duo is in rare form in this heavy hitting podcast that will be sure to be talked about…