Games We Grew Up With

Games We Grew Up With

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Episode 44 - A Link to the Past
January 25, 2023

Thank you Link! But our Princess is in another castle! ...wait, that doesn't sound right... wrong Princess and wrong mostly-silent Protagonist trying to save both the world and her! This is another LEGEND OF ZELDA, and this time we're finding A LINK TO

GWGW's 2022 Year in Review!
January 18, 2023

2022... What a year it was for Games We Grew Up With! We laughed, we cried, we screamed at entirely-inappropriate ratings predictions for SimCity 2000 (or at least, some of us did...)From Mario 64 to Final Fantasy VII, General Chaos to Starcraft, Crash T

Episode 43 - General Chaos
December 06, 2022

Well well well, if it isn't the most aptly-named game of the show's history! Both for game content as well as what it took to even get the two hosts to be able to play (and stream) it to all our viewers on Twitch!This one digs deep into the archive, and

Episode 42 - StarCraft
November 02, 2022

"GWGW, reportin' for duty!" It's time, it's time, it's finally time... IT'S RTS TIME! In this episode, the crew dove deep into the world of Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, in STARCRAFT! We collected minerals, we learned hard lessons about what dropships are

Episode 41 - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
October 05, 2022

Alpha, get me some teenagers with attitude!Well, we may not be teenagers anymore, but I think anyone who has listened to even part of an episode of this podcast knows there's plenty of attitude to go around. And hey, if you check the show's title out, w

Episode 40.7 - Final Fantasy VII Remake
September 09, 2022

Forty and three-quarters... a perfectly reasonable episode number, right? Really, if we're talking about "Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade INTERmission", I think 40.7 is quite appropriate!And who's that voice? That's not Host Chris! Well-spotted (h

Episode 40 - Final Fantasy VII
August 31, 2022

It's here! It's here! 2 years later, and it's finally here!It's FINAL FANTASY VII DAY!!!!Rejoice, for it is a day of celebration across the entirety of the pizza. Err, across the entirety of Midgar. We laugh, we organize materia, we (*cough* Host

Episode 40.5 - Final Fantasy VII - Rose-Tinted Thoughts
August 23, 2022

HOOOOOJJJJOOOOOO!!!!We're back... but NOT back from the past... not quite yet! It turns out that, since Final Fantasy VII was the main game that this podcast was started for, our intrepid hosts have more than a few things to say about it!A few weeks

Episode 39 - TIE Fighter
July 27, 2022

Power! Unlimited power!Or at least, that's what the Empire would have you believe. Join them in TIE Fighter, and work to exterminate all that Rebellion scum.Even more importantly, this episode we talked about this game LIVE, and streamed it to YouTu

Episode 38 - Crash Team Racing
June 28, 2022

3, 2, 1... race! Get your boost on, drift around the corners, and take out Mario, Bowser, and Peach! Oh wait... no... hold on, that's... Coco, Pura, and Dingodile! Why, that must mean that we're in the world of CRASH TEAM RACING! Why yes, you brilliant