Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

49: Taking a career break to stay at home with Janice Scholl

May 08, 2020

Parenting Podcast – Episode 49: Taking a career break to stay at home with Janice Scholl

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Janice Scholl helps moms challenge beliefs about money & motherhood, make smart family financial decisions, & prepare children to become financially independent adults. She is here to talk about taking a career break and becoming a stay at home mom.


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Show Notes

* Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family* What percentage of women end up taking a career break?* What percentage ends up going back into the workforce?* How do you make that decision for yourself and family?* Breaking down your priorities* What questions should you ask yourself?* Talking to other women* Discuss with your support team* What options do you have when it comes to work hours?* Reducing hours/ responsibilities* Asking for flexible work hours* Work from home* Leaving altogether* How do you approach that conversation with your boss?* How can this decision affect your financial independence? Is this something that can be hard for women who were previously bringing home a steady paycheck?* Is it hard to make the transition from working mom to stay at home mom? * Tips to help with the transition/decision?* Create a game-plan for when you are at home

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