Grilled by The Staff Canteen

Grilled by The Staff Canteen

S3 Ep28 - Alex Claridge and Tom Booton

September 06, 2021

Chefs Alex Claridge and Tom Booton discuss taking over a restaurant 'steeped in tradition' and how to make it your own, why there is more to life than accolades and cosmetic surgery they'd like to have done!

This is the final episode co-hosted by Alex Claridge from The Wilderness in Birmingham. He has invited six exciting guests to join him and Cara Houchen, Editor of The Staff Canteen, each week.

Our guest on this episode is Tom Booton, he is the head chef at The Grill at The Dorchester and recently won Chef to Watch at the National Restaurant Awards. We find out why he decided to make the move to The Dorchester, his journey of transforming the restaurant into his own vision and the DNA that now runs through it plus, what cosmetic surgery he and Alex would have if they could!

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