Grilled by The Staff Canteen

Grilled by The Staff Canteen

S2 Ep20 - Sally Abe

May 25, 2020

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In this episode we talk to Michelin-starred chef Sally Abe. She is the head chef at The Harwood Arms and previously worked at The Ledbury and Elystan Street. Brett Graham is a director at The Harwood Arms and Sally explains why it’s great to have him around for advice.

Talking about the impact of coronavirus on the hospitality industry Sally explains that she thinks this is an opportunity for restaurants to reset. She believes there were a lot of things wrong with the industry including how staff were treated, working hours and the public’s perception of a career in hospitality. Now is a chance to fix some of those things.

She also talks about the Harwood Arms, her role as head chef and this year’s Great British Menu – and for those who don’t know she is married to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s Matt Abe so I find out how two chefs are coping under the same roof!

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