Gridiron Heroics

Gridiron Heroics

Cardinals v Saints Recap + Week 7 NFL Picks

October 21, 2022

Today on the Gridiron Heroics Football Show, Max Dean is joined by Kyle Nishida and Brison Owens of Denver Sports Betting for the Week 7 NFL Picks Show. But first, Julius Luchs kicks off the show with another round of News Tidbits, and then Dave Guberman helps Recap the Cardinals v Saints matchup! You can also catch Max, Kyle, and Brison's NFL Picks Show LIVE every Friday on YouTube at 9:30am ET! See below for full episode details.

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-News Tidbits w/ Julius Luchs of Gridiron Heroics

-Cardinals v Saints Recap w/ Dave Guberman of Gridiron Heroics

-Week 7 NFL Picks w/ Kyle Nishida of Gridiron Heroics and Brison Owens of Denver Sports Betting


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Max will be back Monday LIVE at 11am ET with Kyron Samuels for their NFL Week 7 Recap!