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Greater Than Code

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260: Fixing Broken Tech Interviews with Ian Douglas
November 24, 2021

The way we do tech interviews is broken. Ian Douglas talks about how current company interview processes don’t align with skills that companies actually need. We discuss how the community and companie

259: Continuous Iteration, Continuous Improvement – Always Evolving Over Time with Rin Oliver
November 17, 2021

Rin Oliver talks about improving developer experience, neurodivergence and the distinction between technical and autistic burnout, mentoring, and how to successfully contribute to open source projects

258: Nerd Therapy with Michael Keady
November 10, 2021

Michael Keady, The Nerd Therapist, runs nerdy programs like Roll for Growth, which uses role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons as a form of group therapy and Minecraft for individual therapy.

257: Putting Accessibility Into Action with Dr. Michele A. Williams
November 03, 2021

Dr. Michele A. Williams’ mission is to reach outside of the accessibility world and demystify it for able-bodied people. In this episode, she talks about the real work of accessibility needing to come

256: Unbreaking the Web with Chris Ferdinandi
October 27, 2021

Chris Ferdinandi comes back on the show to talk about how important, but hard it is to maintain privacy on the web. Right now sites are overusing analytics and tracking scripts, and as developers, we

255: Building Global Love Bubbles with Anne Griffin
October 20, 2021

Anne Griffin joins the show to talk about making people feel they matter on teams by changing company culture, sharing concerns with upper management, and often, having difficult conversations. How do

254: Transitioning Into Tech with Danielle Thompson
October 13, 2021

Danielle Thompson talks about entering tech as a former person in the hospitality industry with an anthropology degree, and how doing those things in the past have helped her to better work with peopl

253: Reframing the Value of Open Source with Jen Weber
October 06, 2021

Jen Weber talks about differences between working on open source vs commercial software products, things you should keep in mind when it comes to pushing major vs minor releases, and ways we as an ind

252: Designing For Safety with Eva PenzeyMoog
September 29, 2021

TRIGGER WARNING: Domestic Violence, Abuse, Interpersonal Safety Eva PenzeyMoog talks about her superpower being her ADHD and ability to hyperfocus before diving into a discussion about her book, “Des

251: Diplomatic Accessibility Advocacy with Todd Libby
September 22, 2021

Todd Libby talks about getting people, companies, and stakeholders to care about accessibility via diplomatic advocacy. He tells us the “Domino’s Pizza Story,” and shares with us the biggest things th