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277: Joy Is Activism – The Power of Ritual and Intention
April 06, 2022

Greater Than Code panelists Mandy Moore, Damien Burke, and Aaron Aldrich talk about how life has changed for them during the pandemic and realize the power of joy, happiness, and fulfillment as activi

276: Caring Deeply About Humans – Diversify The Medical Community with Jenna Charlton
March 30, 2022

Jenna Charlton is a super human. They are deeply rooted in what is human in tech and believes the user is everything. They chat with the panel about software testing and give an awesome metaphor of De

275: Making Change Happen – Why Not You? with Nyota Gordon
March 23, 2022

Nyota Gordon acknowledges the unspoken. This conversation examines the hold that news and social media have on humanity, the impact of AI, and her belief that the intersection of cybersecurity and emp

274: Managing People Versus Servers with Arpit Mohan
March 09, 2022

Engineering principles apply to more than just code and technology. Arpit Mohan believes a company's team members act a lot like servers in a distributed system: individuals who must work together to

273: Motorcycling Adventures with Kerri Miller
March 02, 2022

A girl, a bike, and an open road. Kerri Miller joins the show to regale us with stories about her epic motorcycling adventures.

272: People First – Self-Awareness and Being Excellent To Each Other with Ashleigh Wilson
February 23, 2022

Ashleigh Wilson sees “The Vision” and operates her company, Auditmate, under a “People First” mentality. We talk about listening, digging into defensiveness and uncomfortableness, personal growth an

271: EventStorming with Paul Rayner
February 16, 2022

Paul Rayner joins us to talk about Eventstorming and how it’s optimized for collaboration among teams, helps to visualize business processes, and helps with knowledge distillation and clarifying seman

270: Trust Building and Authenticity with Justin Searls
February 09, 2022

Justin Searls released a talk on why trust has become so rare in the software industry. He joins Greater Than Code panelists to talk more about trust-building among leadership and teams and how power

269: Being Your Authentic Self – Turning Adversity Into Power with Nikema Prophet
February 02, 2022

Nikema Prophet talks about authenticity and power, seeing other people for their whole selves, facilitating safe spaces, becoming a founder, thoughts on education and homeschooling, and how impostor s

268: LGBTQA+ Inclusion
January 26, 2022

Greater Than Code panelists, Mandy Moore, Casey Watts, and Mannah Kallon talk about LGBTQIA+ topics such as the difference between “gay” and “queer”, pronoun usage and normalization, asking questions,