The Grave Truth Podcast

The Grave Truth Podcast

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Episode 4- Open Road
September 16, 2017

Another theory in the death of Kimberly Yohe comes in the form of open road truck drivers.  How does this relate to Kim? Join me as I explore this theory and see if we can discover more about truck drivers,

Episode 3- The Group
August 12, 2017

On May 22nd, 1996 the body of Kimberly Yohe was found in the Susquehanna River in  Middle Paxton township, Pa. In this episode we will explore one of the many theories of what could of happened to Kimberly Yohe.

Episode 2 What we Know
July 22, 2017

What happened to Kimberly Yohe? Why did it take two weeks to find out she was murdered?  In this episode we will dive deeper into what we know and how things could have been done differently. We will learn more about her personality and what happened o...

Episode 1 Word Vomit
July 02, 2017

Welcome listeners! The long awaited pilot episode it here! In this episode you will find out more about the host and the victim of the heinous crime focused on throughout the season. Don’t forget to rate and review on itunes! Hope you enjoy!

What Attracts us to Death?
May 29, 2017

In this trailer we will challenge ourselves to look deep into our self conscious. What attracts us to death?