The Gospel Of Everything Podcast

The Gospel Of Everything Podcast

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Should Christians Always Be Nice?
February 28, 2023

#023 - Are Christians being too mean and turning people off to the gospel? Are YOU? Should Christians strive to always be as nice as possible in order to save as many people as possible? What a

How To Change The World Without Killing Yourself
January 10, 2023

#022 - Are you one of those types who want to change the world?You are not satisfied with an ordinary life?Maybe you are an entrepreneur or a ministry pioneer? Or someone who wishes to exce

The Poisonous Voice Of Saruman
January 03, 2023

#021 - Should Christians be bold or be careful?In a world where lies are carefully crafted to paint truth-tellers as hateful (much like the way the words of Saruman poisoned his hearers in The L

The Long Term Battle
December 13, 2022

#020 - Do you feel discouraged or without hope when you watch the news?Does the world seem chaotic and disheartening?Are you tempted to throw your hands in the air and just focus on eternal t

The Ruler Of All The Kings Of The Earth
November 15, 2022

#019 - Should Christians mix religion and politics?What should we do when the governing authorities in our land do not do what we think they should do?Do we only have hope to see the Kingship

Should Christians Focus Only On Spiritual And Eternal Things?
September 06, 2022

#018 - When the Bible talks about things like walking in the spirit and not the flesh, does this mean that God doesnt care about our physical reality?What does a Christian Worldview say about the

Multi-Generational Christianity – The Importance Of Leaving A Legacy
June 28, 2022

#017 - When you look at your life, what kind of legacy have you left for future generations?Do you have children?  Nephews?  Nieces?  Students?Are you content that you have received

The Self Fulfilling Nature Of End Times Obsession
April 12, 2022

#016 - When you see what is happening in the world do you feel that we must be living in the end times?Surely, Jesus will be returning soon, right?What effect does this have on the way you live

Is There Hope For America?
December 14, 2021

#015 - Do you believe that there is hope for America?If you do, what are you basing your hope on?If you do not, why not?Should Christians find hope in the next conservative political movement?

The Good Old Days Are Yet To Come
November 16, 2021

#014 - Do you long for the good old days of America?Are you saddened by the loss of our glorious past?Do you feel like everything good is melting away before you to be replaced by a discouraging w