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The Gospel Of Everything Podcast

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Multi-Generational Christianity – The Importance Of Leaving A Legacy
June 28, 2022

#017 - When you look at your life, what kind of legacy have you left for future generations? Do you have children?  Nephews?  Nieces?  Students? Are you content that you have received

The Self Fulfilling Nature Of End Times Obsession
April 12, 2022

#016 - When you see what is happening in the world do you feel that we must be living in the “end times?” Surely, Jesus will be returning soon, right? What effect does this have on the way you live

Is There Hope For America?
December 14, 2021

#015 - Do you believe that there is hope for America? If you do, what are you basing your hope on? If you do not, why not? Should Christians find hope in the next conservative political movement?

The Good Old Days Are Yet To Come
November 16, 2021

#014 - Do you long for the good old days of America? Are you saddened by the loss of our glorious past? Do you feel like everything good is melting away before you to be replaced by a discouraging w

How Do You Know That God Is Real?
November 02, 2021

#013 - How would you answer the question how do you know that God is real? How would you answer that question for yourself? How would you answer that question for an unbeliever? Is it even possible

How Change Happens
October 26, 2021

#012 - Why, after decades of fighting for democracy and freedom in Afghanistan did the U.S. and allies pull out of the country leaving behind chaos and Taliban control? Why do governments engage in w

How Does The Old Testament Law Apply Today?
October 19, 2021

#011 - Have you ever heard an unbeliever mock the Law of God from the Old Testament by pulling out some random crazy sounding law and asking you if you believe in THAT? Maybe you have even heard a BE

From Milk To Maturity – Are You Still Stuck On The Basics Of Christianity?
October 12, 2021

#010 - What do you believe it means to be a mature Christian? Are you spending your Christian life primarily talking about whether or not the pastors sermon was any good on Sunday? Are you still liv

The Dreams Of God For The Human Race
October 05, 2021

#009 - Do you wonder what is the meaning and purpose for your life? Do you wonder what you are supposed to be doing? Do you wonder why you ARE? In this episode I talk about why we all exist and lay

Should We Cancel Cancel Culture? Part 2 – Beware The Idol Of The State
September 28, 2021

#008 - Should we call on the government to protect us from the cancellers of cancel culture? Is it time for new laws to regulate Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, etc. like utilities? CAN the gove