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Path to Liberty

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Subject to no Control: Antifederalist Brutus No. 13 and 14
November 15, 2021

Continuing his warnings about the power of the federal judiciary, Brutus not only opposes appellate jurisdiction as one of the “most objectionable parts” of the Constitution, but raises additional con

Resistance Should be the First Response, Not the Last
November 12, 2021

To the founders and old revolutionaries, resistance to attacks on liberty was an essential part of the system, and essential for the maintenance of freedom. But resisting government usurpations isn’t

First Steps to Nullify OSHA Mandates in Two States
November 10, 2021

Nullifying OSHA mandates won’t be easy - but we’re already seeing action on the first essential steps in two states. And sources close to the Tenth Amendment Center tell us to expect a number more in

General and Unlimited Power: Antifederalist Brutus No. 12
November 08, 2021

Predicting that the structure of the federal court system would lead to centralization and consolidation of power - Brutus continues his warnings about the judiciary in his 2-part 12th paper.

Dozens of Small Towns Reject Federal Bribe Money
November 05, 2021

With federal “funding” comes federal strings - and federal control. And while most state and local governments are happy with that trade, dozens of small cities and towns in Texas have been rejecting

Liberty is the Price of Endless War
November 03, 2021

When most people talk about federal overreach, they generally focus on domestic issues - education, healthcare, social policy, mandates, and the like. But as James Madison noted - “of all the enemies”

What Makes a Free People?
November 01, 2021

The so-called “land of the free” is filled to the brim with government acts, laws, mandates orders, rules, and regulations. Living under the largest government in the history of the world is not a sta

Partnerships Don’t Work When Half the Team Quits
October 27, 2021

The federal government and the states are partners in almost every major domestic policy area. And, as leading founders like Madison, Sherman - and even Hamilton - told us, partnerships don’t work whe

The Original Originalist: Tucker’s View of the Constitution
October 25, 2021

St. George Tucker’s View of the Constitution of the United States was the first extended, systematic commentary on the Constitution after it had been ratified by the people of the several states and a

Catching Flak Means You’re Over the Target
October 22, 2021

As the saying goes, you don’t catch flak unless you’re over the target. And TAC has been catching flak for years. Sometimes from the usual suspects - and sometimes not. Highlighting the most “interest