Get Unstuck & On Target

Get Unstuck & On Target

Episode 114: How to Get Paid Quickly, Get Paid More, and Get Paid More Often

March 15, 2023

In today’s episode, Mike talks with Todd Aaron – Todd and his team at Numerus Capital understand that your potential clients want to obtain your high-ticket professional services & products TODAY but need help overcoming their budgetary constraints. 

Todd Aaron’s Company

The Numerus Capital team has provided financing and capital solutions to retailers, consumers and businesses for more than 90 years that expand and accelerate their sales/growth. We have facilitated hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer finance transactions, business-to-consumer loans and business-to-business equipment leasing maximizing sales, making businesses more competitive and converting customers into repeat buyers of goods and services. Our retail finance solutions enable merchants to provide customers Everyone-Approved access to quality credit by offering market-leading technology and finance programs giving businesses the ability to:

  • Close more sales and convert credit declines into approvals
  • Offer customers instant credit decisions and access to credit
  • Provide extended same as cash promotions driving repeat purchasing
  • Increase average sale amounts by matching customer budgets to monthly payments
Questions in This Episode
  • “What caught my attention about you is that you are doing something that listeners might not even realize could apply to them. How has technology helped you and your company, Numerus Capital, what doors has that opened for you and your business for clients?”
  • “The first thing we’re gonna be talking about is the service that you offer, which would be customer financing. What are they doing? And gives us an idea of the range that could ever very well be.”
  • “Can you list just off the top of your heads, the types of folks who have said by making Numerus Capital available what would that include? Beyond the obvious?”
  • “If I had a prospective client who…would like to take advantage of your resource through your friends at Numerus Capital, but once that’s handed off to them, it’s pretty much between them and your firm and your platform. But when approved with the assumption is they’ll be approved. That means that me, you call, you might call me the vendor, but I would get paid immediately which is important to know, and that is, rather than payment plans, it gets me out of the invoicing business. And I get my money upfront if I could be so brazen in how I said that.”
  • “I guess you’d call it consumer finance and how this can be broadened far more than I ever realized. That being a vertical for your business, you’ve got to know the vertical, and that is for those businesses that accept credit cards I think you’ve referred to it as zero cost credit card processing. Can you tell us what that means?”
  • “Could you share examples where either you or a client got stuck and how did you help them unstuck?”
  • “As you kind of look back on this conversation we’ve had today, what do you want our viewers and listeners to have as takeaways?”
  • “Todd, if folks wanna learn more about what is it we’ve been talking about, what is the best way for them to reach out to you?”
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