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Gene Pool - Digital Culture

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Gene Pool#72: Max Eastley & Paul Whitty
November 22, 2014

Acclaimed artist, instrument builder and kinetic sculptor, Max Eastley performs live with SARU’s Paul Whitty. Delving deep into textural improvisation, with electronic processes warping and shifting an array of stones, aquarium bubbles and ceramic obje

Gene Pool#71: Gordon Monahan
October 18, 2014

Paul Whitty talks about the history of the Audiograft festival and motivations of it's artist-organisers and introduces Gordon Monahan performing his "Sauerkraut Synthesiser" piece Fruits and vegetables become voltage input controllers for a software-base

Gene Pool#70: Marianthi Papalexandri
October 05, 2014

Marianthi Papalexandri performs "Solo for motors and resonant body (2012)" live at AudioGraft 2014 at the OVADA artist studio/exhibition space with an invented instrument of tubes and resonating wires. The Sonic Arts Research Unit, based within Oxford Br

Gene Pool#69: Jez riley French
July 21, 2014

The life of the field recording artist explored in conversation with Jez Riley French. Independence and integrity of artistic practice are strong themes with the globetrotting Yorkshire-man whose DIY JrF contact microphones have become something of an in

Gene Pool#68: Beyond The Stage/James Morris
March 05, 2013

Former PC Pro editor, journalist, video producer and Head of Web Media at Ravensbourne, Dr James Morris discusses the collaboration between CISCO, RSC and Ravensbourne to deliver an online education experience. Dr Morris illustrates how this project point

Gene Pool#67: BTS/John Darvell
February 18, 2013

Is everyone who they say they are on the internet ? Cross-platform dance project, Dare You Watch employed viral and transmedia techniques to engage an audience with a live streamed performance. What impact could this cause in an area where ticketed seatin

Gene Pool#66: BTS/Marcus Romer
February 05, 2013

Pushing the boundaries of interactivity and online engagement. Talk from Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre and Shift Happens conference, Marcus Romer at the "Beyond The Stage" event in December 2012. Held as part of part of SHPLive, the ACE funded live s

Gene Pool#65: Code Generation
April 06, 2012

Like grammar, spelling, adding and subtraction are the basic building blocks for general education, should we be equipping school leavers with the fundamentals of computer programming so they can better understand the workings of the digital world around

Gene Pool#63: Big Data, Love & Revolution!
March 18, 2012

Big data, love and revolution ! Patrick Hussey is Digital Overlord and Campaign Manager of the Arts & Business organisation and man with a lot to say about the future. Beyond just culture sector developments and commercial trends, we talk about how Digit

Gene Pool#62: AudioGraft 2012
March 18, 2012

Aeolian instruments, dismantled tape player installation, performances and conversation from the AudioGraft 2012 Festival, featuring Max Eastley, Stephen Cornford, Shirley Pegna, Cremaster, Felicity Ford & Stavroula Kounadea