Friend of a Friend

Friend of a Friend

Alyssa Coscarelli: Freelance Writer, Consultant, @AlyssaInTheCity

November 26, 2019

Alyssa Coscarelli, aka @AlyssaInTheCity, is a freelance writer, consultant, and fashion influencer based in New York City. Alyssa launched her career as a writer at Refinery29 where she covered fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With a sharp perspective, vintage-inspired aesthetic, and cool fashion sensibility, Alyssa quickly aggregated a large social media following of fashion-loving, savvy followers. She's become one of the most well-known sources to find inspiration of any kind - from trends to interior design, styling tips, beauty, travel guides, new brands, and more. Alyssa is known for keeping it real - personally and professionally - and has championed the influencer space, working with brands like Gucci to Burberry, heading up innovative new retail concepts, and has a personal website coming soon. In this episode, Alyssa touches on how a disastrous interview changed her life, her thoughts on the influencer stigma, and how she's trailblazing her own lane based around being 100% herself.

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