Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

Fit As A Mama Bear Podcast

My Favorite Perks Of Intermittent Fasting

June 22, 2020

While intermittent fasting is best chatted about when it comes to weight loss, the truth is there are so many more benefits to this tool!

There are also multiple ways to go about intermittent fasting and no one best system. Play a bit of trial and error, find what works best for you, and make note of how your body feels. Reap the multiple benefits of intermittent fasting and start using this health tool today!

My goal for you this week is to have an open mind. Look into fasting and maybe give your first fast a go. Then, drop me a comment on my IG channel and ask any questions or let me know how it went. I adore chatting fasting so please- reach out!


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