Ice Fishing Radio

Ice Fishing Radio

Latest Episodes

World Ice Fishing Explained
October 02, 2018

Season 3 Episode 1

Ice fishing Tooth Fairy
January 21, 2018

My wife hops in and records a podcast!

Ice Fishing Adventure with Chris and Charley - their first time
January 19, 2018

First time ice fishing - Chris and Charley and I gameplan

a Fish Study on Ice
January 17, 2018

We end our Hiatus despite my computer staying on Hiatus for a bit afterwards

A Special Thank you to the fans!
November 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Ice Fishing Cold Call with an Angle
November 17, 2017

We chat with Neptune rod owners who are a Father and Son pair of Engineers who care about ergonomics, Veterans and YOU

50th Episode with a listener and real ice fishing report
November 12, 2017

Craig Oyler calls in with an ice fishing report from October...people ice fishing has begun!!!

Video Killed the Radio Show
November 07, 2017

Aqua Vu Chris Muncher joins us and kills it on this edition of Ice Fishing Cold Calls where we uncover everything there is to know about underwater cameras and ice fishing!

Podcast in your Palm...Rod
November 03, 2017

We talk with Jeff Kelm National Walleye Tour EMCEE USA Team member and NAIFC competitor who discusses Palm Rods with us

Perch, Podcasts and People in Ice Fishing
October 25, 2017

We chat with my Podcast HERO Nathan Krusko and answer a listeners questions about Perch....oh and we name drop some peeps we share affiliations with