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Hugh Culver

EE033 - Cliff Ravenscraft wants us to podcast

April 25, 2014

Finally! I was able to arm wrestle The Man in podcasting, Cliff Ravenscraft, to be on my show.

The back story is I screwed up and double booked Cliff last year and he politely informed me that rebooking was out of the question given his schedule (Cliff publishes, like 359 podcasts). Heart broken, but not one to give up I came up with another plan. I knew that Cliff would be presenting at Mike Stelzner’s Social Media Marketing World (us in the know just refer to it as SMMMMMW, for short), and so I put my devilish plan into place.

Yes! I sent an email. And, Yes! He replied. Weird how this works.

Cliff and I had a wide-ranging interview in the lobby of the Manchester Hyatt, near the water, in San Diego. And I know you are going to love this. Even if you are not thinking about starting a podcast, Cliff is very savvy on internet marketing and trends in consumer news consumption.

Some the Cliff’s quotes from this interview include:

“There are 450M active blogs out there…there are only 225,000 audio podcasts.”

“There is no screen time required.”

“It’s very easy for you to become the Go-TO expert with a podcast.”

“I want to be very clear, podcasting is not easy.”

“Let’s face it, if you are a jerk – stick to blogging.” [Tweet this out]

“I am in their head for 45 minutes every week.”

In this interview Cliff reveals:

  • Why podcasting is a great way to reach your customers

  • Why the content in a podcast is unique (you might be surprised)

  • Is it hard to get started?

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