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Expat Empire Podcast

How to Deal with Cultural Differences in Countries and Relationships with Stephanie Cook

October 21, 2021

In this episode of the Expat Empire Podcast, we will be hearing from Stephanie Cook. Steph was born in Germany and started learning English at a young age. She left for the UK for graduate school where she met her husband, and together they moved to London to work. In 2010, they moved with their two daughters to San Francisco, California, for her husband's job. After tiring of the Silicon Valley culture, they moved to Austin, Texas in 2016. Steph wasn't too happy in Texas at first and decided to move back to London to see if she could get back to her old life there, but she quickly realized it wasn't meant to be and returned to Austin to give the city another try. 


As someone who has raised two daughters as third culture kids, lived in several cities and countries, and dealt with more culture shock than the average expat, Steph shares a lot of deep insights and interesting experiences in this conversation! 


LEARN in this episode:


✔ What aspects of life can give you culture shock (even within the same country!) and strategies for managing it


✔ Tips for making an intercultural marriage work as well as for raising third culture kids across multiple countries


✔ What challenges you'll face if you try to return to your old life back home and why it often doesn't work out


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