Every Note Matters

Every Note Matters

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The Winds of Passion – Inspirational Video
April 15, 2020

COVID-19 has touched everyone. For many of us, this is the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and begin living our passion. I hope you are inspired while watching.

Every Note Matters, Ep. 2
September 23, 2019

 Ep. 2 | Top 3 Actions for Better Customer Service Experiences Welcome to a solo Episode 2 on the Every Note Matters Podcast. In this episode, I share a few experiences of mine that tell a bigger story of 3 customer service tips you and your team can...

Every Note Matters Ep. 1
April 02, 2019

Every Note Matters, Ep. 1: The Impact of One Person Every Note Matters, Ep. 1 | In the first episode of Every Note Matters, we speak with Aaron McKeever. Aaron is a businessman who hails from Nebraska. We discuss friendship,