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Ep. 172 | Mitigating Your Own Risk | Rylan Blowers
September 30, 2022

Rylan Blowers talks about Mitigating Your Own Risk.  He is the Head Of Product & Co-Founder of Dotcal, your PERSONALIZED Booking page that eliminates the calendar battleship game, but ALSO gives you b

Ep. 171 | 7 Figure Industry | Kyle Livingston
September 23, 2022

Kyle Livingston is the President of 7 Figure Industry, Consultant, Coach that helping business owners turn chaos into profit.  He has also built & sold three 7 Figure brick & mortar companies, he is t

Ep. 170 | Everyone Has A Superhero Inside Them | Nathan Kirby
September 16, 2022

Nathan Kirby says Everyone Has A Superhero Inside Them! He is a Husband, Father, Founder of Rock City MMA, Actor, Speaker, Trainer, Coach & you might have seen him & his son doing MMA on Family Feud!

Ep. 169 | Difference Between Change & Impact | Tony Torres
September 09, 2022

Tony Torres talks the difference between Change & Impact.  He is man of Faith, Family Man, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Founder of COR13 Capital & much more! This was such a great s

Ep. 168 | Secret Of Doing Anything | April Shprintz
September 02, 2022

April Shprintz talks about the Secret Of Doing Anything! She is a U.S. Airforce Veteran, Creator of the Generosity Culture, Keynote Speaker, Host of Winning Mindset Mastery Podcast & much more! So muc

Ep. 167 | BIG Brave Awesome Stuff | Laura DiBenedetto
August 26, 2022

Laura DiBenedetto says we should do BIG Brave Awesome Stuff! She is an Entrepreneur, CEO of Sovereign Ammo, Best Selling Author, Tedx Speaker, America’s Happiness Coach who retired at 37 & much more!

Ep. 166 | The Universe Always Works In Your Favor | Tom McCarthy
August 19, 2022

Tom McCarthy talks about how The Universe Always Works In Your Favor.  He is a world renowned expert & thought leader in Leadership, Communication & Peak Performance.  He is America’s #1 High Stakes P

Ep. 165 | NFTs, Metaverse & Crypto | Mario Nawfal
August 12, 2022

Mario Nawfal talks NFTs, Metaverse & Crypto! He is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies which is a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in 65+ countries, Founder of IBC Group,

Ep. 164 | Be A Puzzle Maker | Jasan Julius
August 05, 2022

Jasan Julius says “Be A Puzzle Maker”! He is a serial entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Coffee Junkiez, Pizza Junkiez, Double J Franchising, Scared Rabbit Marketing, Vickers Graphics, Host of The Julius

Ep. 163 | Clarity Is Most Important | Sagi Shrieber
July 29, 2022

Sagi Shrieber says Clarity Is Most Important! He is based in Israel, a husband, Dad, a Veteran, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Host of Commit First Podcast, Co-Host of The Evolution Podcast, CEO of Contrast U