CompTIA EmTechCast

CompTIA EmTechCast

Collaborative Robotics with Scott Denenberg

July 23, 2019

Robots go back hundreds of years — read about the praying robot they found in Italy, says Veo Robotics Chief Architect Scott Denenberg — but what people are doing with robots today, especially in manufacturing, can only be called the Golden Age of robotics.

In this episode of the EmTech Cast, Denenberg sits down with Jim Hamilton, vice president of CompTIA’s member communities, to discuss robotics in manufacturing, the concept of collaborative robotics and making robots safe for human environments. “People are comfortable working by a robot as long as its caged,” Denenberg said.

Instead of designing a manufacturing process to be completely automated or to be completely manual — both of which can be expensive — Veo helps manufacturers, engineers and systems engineers design processes that use the dexterity and judgement of humans in combination with the efficiency of robots. Listen for ways systems integrators can work with robotics companies to make money, and how you can profitably bring robotics to your own customers.

For more on robotics from Veo, visit, watch this video about Veo's technology: and follow Veo's blog, For more on Scott Denenberg, visit and follow Veo on Twitter at

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