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Imperfect Environmentalism | Megan McSherry
June 02, 2023

Friend, content creator, and eco fashionista Megan McSherry (@acteevism ig / @acteevism tt) joins us today to discuss her slow fashion journey - including her data driven approach to closet audits (and why she's tracking her outfits every day this year!).

ECO CHIC Summer Reading List
May 26, 2023

Whether you're in a reading rut or just trying to add some environmental themes onto your TBR, today's episode definitely has you covered. We're discussing *lots* of books - fiction, non-fiction, and my personal favorite genre, memoirs. Themes include cli

Urban Revitalization + Sustainable Development | Alán Sneider
May 19, 2023

Aln Sneider is the Director of Impact for Primestor Development, a socially conscious urban real estate firm, keenly focused on equitable, sustainable, community-driven revitalization. Through the lens of Los Angeles, Aln discusses the value of public t

Conscious Travel + EcoTourism | Sophia Toomb
May 12, 2023

Sophia Toomb (@sophiaxverde) joins us to discuss all things sustainable travel, an often hush-hush activity in the world of environmentalism. Sophia gives actionable tips and reflections for planning a conscious travel experience, from where you're stayin

Reef Safe Sunscreens: Are They Truly Better?
May 05, 2023

With warmer months upon us, we're discussing a hot topic in the marine sustainability space: reef safe sunscreens. We're overviewing the 'why' behind these products, and what motivates cities to enact policies supporting these SPFs, plus what to look for

How To Make Earth Day Every Day
April 21, 2023

Happy Earth Day! We're walking through 5 tips on how to elevate your sustainable habits - if you're already living an eco-conscious lifestyle, today's episode will help you level up those hobbies and routines. Whatever your inclinations may be, this episo

Climate Optimism | Zahra Biabani
April 14, 2023

Zahra Biabani joins us (again!) for a conversation around her first book, Climate Optimism: Climate Wins and Creating Systemic Change Around the World. We discuss biases around climate that lead to doomism, Global South innovations, and how individuals ca

Green Jobs + DEI in Sustainability | Kristy Drutman, Brown Girl Green, Green Jobs Board
April 07, 2023

Kristy Drutman, founder of Brown Girl Green and Green Jobs Board, is joining us (irl!) to share perspectives on the green economy, especially through the lens on diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is also sharing an incredible trove of tangible tips on

Artificial Intelligence for the Secondhand Fashion Market | Zahra Biabani, In The Loop AI
March 24, 2023

Zahra Biabani joins IRL to share the behind-the-scenes of newly launched In The Loop AI, an artificial intelligence tool making secondhand shopping more accessible to buyers and sellers.Pre-order Zahra's first book Climate Optimism here!Thanks to our

How Pipelines Are Funded
March 03, 2023

215: With so much public outcry this week around the Willow Project, we're zooming out to ask how these new oil and gas lines are still being funded - who's supplying the proposed $8 billion? We discuss big banks, divestment, and the Biden Administration'