Liberty and Empire

Liberty and Empire

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The Peninsular War 1.20
September 11, 2017

We've arrive ad 1814 and the fall of Napoleon, the final expulsion of the French and the return of Ferdinand VII, "the Desired One".

The Peninsular War 1.19
September 10, 2017

The French, as always, will never surrender and Soult rushes back to try and save French honour south of the Pyrenees.

The Peninsular War 1.18
September 09, 2017

1813 begins with the final great French retreat and culminates in the aptly named battle of Vitoria.

The Peninsular War 1.17
September 08, 2017

This episode is entirely dedicated to probably the greatest invention of the Peninsular War: guerillas!

The Peninsular War 1.16
September 07, 2017

Wellington is relentless against the French in the west of the peninsula, but, like all good comic book characters, the French will return!

The Peninsular War 1.15
September 06, 2017

Today we take a break to talk about the great Spanish Constitution of 1812 that established a constitutional monarchy for the first time on the Iberian peninsula and was very revolutionary for its time.

The Peninsular War 1.14
September 05, 2017

1812 continues with the famous Battle of Salamanca in northwestern Spain.

The Peninsular War 1.13
September 04, 2017

Wellington pushes the French over the Portuguese border once more. In the east Suchet takes Valencia and, in March of 1812, the Cortes of Cadiz publish the first Spanish constitution.

The Peninsular War 1.12
September 03, 2017

We dedicate an episode to the events of 1811 and the struggles during that year. A record speed for this podcast, but don't worry, it'll be five episodes before we get to 1813!

The Peninsular War 1.11
September 02, 2017

We continue with 1810 and the third French excursion into Portugal! Third time's the charm?