Dreary Middle: The Podcast

Dreary Middle: The Podcast

Why I dropped Hunter x Hunter

April 29, 2021

@trakky loves Hunter x Hunter, @jrmswell dropped it, @hysteria103 tries to keep the show together. Join us as Trakky tries to convince everybody (including YOU the audience) as to why we should watch the show


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* 00:00:00 - Why I dropped Hunter x Hunter* 00:01:06 - What even is Hunter x Hunter?* 00:04:52 - The Good* 00:18:02 - More on the Hunter exam* 00:20:53 - The Zoldyck Family* 00:26:36 - Heavens Arena* 00:41:17 - Yorknew* 00:57:16 - Greed Island* 01:01:29 - Conlcluding thoughts