In Conversation with Dana Hourani

October 28, 2019

Over the years, social media influencers have amassed quite the following, and many of them have gone on to leverage their respective platforms to dive head-first into other businesses and industries. Such is the case with Dana Hourani - a Dubai based influencer who consistently turns heads for her signature "cool girl" style, and gained notoriety through her highly curated Instagram account which she launched in 2012.

Dana has strategically used her presence in the digital space to break into the music industry by releasing two singles this year alone.

In this episode, both her and I engage in a little back and forth about how influencers are successfully delving into lucrative projects outside the confines of fashion, and where we'd like to see ourselves go. With Instagram becoming such an undeniable cornerstone to how many of us are conducting businesses nowadays, it's fascinating to see how Dana branched out from chronicling personal style to charming the region with her sweet melodies.

We even touch on the do's and don'ts as well as the pitfalls of being online as frequently as we are.