VMware | Digital Workspace Tech Zone Podcast

VMware | Digital Workspace Tech Zone Podcast

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Git Commit(ted) to </Dev> Resources: Customer Spotlight with The Home Depot
February 14, 2022

Episode #109 – In this episode, Justin Sheets and Shuler MeHaffey speak with The Home Depot team about their Workspace ONE UEM API journey with building WASP! The referenced Aha! idea in this episode is available for comment at https://wsone.ideas.aha.io/

Git Commit(ted) to </Dev> Resources: Day 0 Onboarding Automation with Scot Curry
February 07, 2022

Episode #108 - This episode is part of our Git Commit(ted) to Resources series! In this episode, Josue Negron, Justin Sheets, and Matt Langguth talk to Scot Curry, Sr. Staff Solution Engineer at VMware, about an internal project he worked on to provided