Digital Diamonds: Personal Branding | YouTube | Mindset

Digital Diamonds: Personal Branding | YouTube | Mindset

Ep. 76 - How To START Achieving your 2019 Goals NOW | Overcoming limiting beliefs, Mindset and Taking Action with Life & Success Coach Brooke Alexander

January 12, 2019

Brooke Alexander is a life and success coach for spiritual dreamers, innovators, and creators. Using powerful techniques like hypnotherapy and NLP Brooke helps you to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs so that you can show up with confidence in your business, stand out in your industry and real life your dreams. In this interview we chat about all things goal setting, mindset, limiting beliefs, achieving success and taking action on your dreams.

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In more detail, we chatted about:

  • the go-to process for setting goals so that you can ACTUALLY achieve them

  • most common blocks and limiting beliefs you have about taking action on your goals and dreams

  • the most powerful way to overcome your limiting beliefs

  • how to take back your power over your mind and thoughts

  • a beginners guide to NLP and how you can use NLP to achieve success in your own life

  • how to find the balance between visualizing the future and being present right now

  • how to be grateful for what you have right now even if it’s not your ideal situation yet

  • common mistakes people make when goal setting

  • incredible business goals to set for 2019

  • top tips for setting 2019 goals and taking action on them now