Marketplace Ministry Podcast with Deanna Falchook

Marketplace Ministry Podcast with Deanna Falchook

Here’s To The Crazy Ones in Network Marketing - Marketplace Ministry Podcast with Deanna Falchook

September 16, 2017


In every institution, whether it is a corporation, school, or family, there is always that person who seems to stir the pot or color outside of the lines. True entrepreneurs often look off-balanced to the rest of the world. We are often considered 'trouble makers' who question rules/systems/protocol but we are often the very ones who can change the world for the better with our crazy ideas.

I must admit, I have always been inquisitive and crazy.  As a teen, I was a fast pitch softball pitcher without the windmill that everyone wanted to evaluate and emulate. I didn't wind my arm around. I was just fast from the hip. At first, referees were wondering if my pitching style qualified as 'legal' and had to refer to the play book to give approval.   When all of my friends had headed off to college, I opted to pound the pavement and move to NYC.  I had dreams of singing and ended up leading a very popular orchestra in NYC.  I started by singing on the street and ended up at the top of the Rainbow Room. People told me I was crazy.    I am now in another industry that I marketing. And many friends think I'm crazy.

Recently,  I have become more and more aware of identifying the CRAZY ONES like myself in Network Marketing.   Sometimes, they try to pretend that they are 'normal' and continue to do their best to follow the rules and play nice.  The "crazy ones' are the ones I look for as business partners.

They are wired in such a way that won't allow them to operate quietly inside of illogical or logical systems.

So what happens then when they head into Network Marketing?

Are Network Marketing companies valuing the 'crazy ones' within their organizations who have powerful ideas that push against the old system?

Are the companies limiting genius potential to take their organizations to 'next level' operations by applying their ideas or are they silencing input from the 'crazy ones' and afraid of evaluating and transforming?

My observation is that not all Network Marketers are actually entrepreneurs.  Many are corporate drop outs that want to work from home but still operate best with rules and guidelines.

In the industry of network marketing, we have 'crazy' people (the entrepreneurs) mixed in with the people who would NEVER EVER be caught dead using a red crayon to color the sky or blue to color the grass.

The beauty of the industry of Network Marketing is that we believe we head into it for the freedom.  There is much talk about financial freedom and time freedom.  But the 'crazy ones' also value 'creative freedom.' In fact, some 'crazy ones' would rather sleep on a dorm floor with squashed nachos like Steve Jobs and still have full creative freedom over sleeping at the RITZ with a full bank account and no freedom. Network Marketing appeals to them because they enjoy using their creativity to sell product and they welcome the ability to be their own boss.

As a business woman and mother of 8 kids, I am realizing I am a 'crazy one' myself.  I've also raised my kids to be the same.  And it is a pleasure seeing the craziness come out of them. Because after all, my goal is to leave a generation and legacy behind where my children can leave the world a better place by creating change.  My first 'aha' moment of seeing one of my children in a 'crazy one' situation was with my sweet daughter Sam.

This is a picture of my daughter Sam.   She is one of the crazy ones.   At 2 and 3 she had her own fashion sense.  She was always a great story teller.  She was writing by the time she was 5.  We noticed a talent for writing and we were very proud of her because of it.

When she entered the third grade she had a teacher who was a bit of a rigid teacher.