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Social Media and Machine Learning
November 21, 2019

How do you build a comprehensive view of a topic on social media? Jordan Breslauer would say you let a machine learning tool scan the social sphere and add information as conversations evolve, with help from humans in the loop.

Deep Learning, Microwaves, and Bugs
November 08, 2019

Sometimes AI and deep learning are not only overkill, but also a subpar solution. Learn when to use them and when not. Diego from Northwestern's Deep Learning Institute discusses practical AI and deep learning in industry.

Potential Advantages of Blockchain for Data Scientists
October 22, 2019

Luciano Pesci is bullish on blockchain and data science. Since blockchain offers a complete historical record, no one can delete or alter prior information written into the record. He sees this characteristic as a massive advantage for data scientists.

How to Predict World Events with Predata
October 09, 2019

There have been some spectacular fails when it comes to looking at Internet traffic, think Google Flu Trends; however, Predata, a company that helps people understand global events and market moves by interpreting signals in Internet traffic,

Structuring Your Data Science Dream Team
September 26, 2019

The way you organize your data science team will greatly affect your business’s outcome. This episode discusses different structures for a data science team, as well as top down versus bottom up approaches,

The Hidden World of Data Science in Utilities
September 19, 2019

David Millar is a man bringing analytical solutions to an industry that historically has had little data. But with the explosion of smart devices, that is all changing, and the way utilities operate is as well.

The Good Fight against Shadow IT
September 12, 2019

Simeon Schwarz has been walking the data management tightrope for years. In this episode, he helps us see the hidden organizational and economic impacts that come from leading a data management initiative, and how to understand and overcome the inertia...

Using Data to Design Tests People Don’t Hate
September 04, 2019

David Saben is on a mission to make taking tests less painful, and he’s using data to do it. In this episode, he’ll discuss reviving methods developed in 1979 to shorten tests and make them more effective, as well as how to use psychometrics to aid in ...

Activating Analytics in Business and Government
August 28, 2019

Todd Jones talks to us about how to activate analytics and data science in both commercial and government settings by solving some of the most common problems he sees across organizations.

Last-Mile Logistics Analytics—for Everyone Who Isn't Amazon
August 21, 2019

Today we speak with Professor Ram Bala, an expert in supply chain management analytics, particularly last-mile delivery. He has very interesting insights into how today’s supply chain is evolving. He talks about various methods and algorithms he uses,