CWRU Spotlight

CWRU Spotlight

Homecoming award recipients part I

October 18, 2016

The 2016 CWRU Spotlight podcasts will finish the year with a special, three-part series featuring the six distinguished recipients of The 2016 Alumni Association Awards.

October kicks things off as The Alumni Association's Senior Executive Director Bradford Crews interviews four recipients:
Aleksandra V. Rachitskaya​, MD​ (MED '08) - Young Alumni Award
Nancy Fink ​(WRC '73) ​​​- Daniel T. Clancy Alumni Service Award
Donald Foster​ (ADL '51) - Newton D. Baker Distinguished Service Award
Tshilidzi Marwala​, PhD​ (CWR '95) - Professional Achievement Award

In November, our podcast features legendary civil rights lawyer and Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Fred Gray,​ JD (LAW '54, HON '92),​ interviewed by Dean Michael Scharf of Case Western Reserve University's School of Law. Gray played significant roles in four landmark Supreme Court decisions and represented Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. An emeritus trustee of the university, Gray remains in full‐time practice at his law firm.

We'll complete the 2016 podcasts in December as self-made billionaire, philanthropist and Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Morton Mandel ​(HON '07, CWR '13) ​sits down with Case Western Reserve University President Barbara R. Snyder. Mandel took 74 years to complete his undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University— after pausing his education to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II and build a global enterprise with his brothers. An emeritus trustee of the university, Mandel’s lifelong passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge continues to inspire.