It's Animal Time!

It's Animal Time!

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The Squadcast – Episode 12: Giant Specific Octopus
August 19, 2019

The 12th episode of our podcast has a very SPECIFIC animal of the week! *wink wink*. Our talks bring us to the ocean and marine life, as well as a variety of topics. Ravmon ends up asking the real questions though – “Whatever happened to Robot Jones”?

The Squadcast – Episode 11: The GOO Agenda
August 14, 2019

The 11th episode of The Squadcast brings out the good old Garden Snail! These gastropods might be well known, but have tons of unique traits. Mychal & Ravmon get into all the GOOey details. Of course, being the snail episode,

The Squadcast – Episode 10: The Secret Life of Hyenas
August 13, 2019

Hooray! This is the tenth installment of The Squadcast, and this one gets a little crazy! Ravmon & Mychal play a guessing game to figure out the animal of the week. Afterwards, they explain some oddly unique facts about this animal.

The Squadcast – Episode 9: Snakes On A Podcast!
July 08, 2019

The 9th episode of The Squadcast brings on some live animal guests! Make sure to subscribe to The Squadcast’s Youtube channel to see the video companion to our radio safari. With a ferocious animal of the week (Egyptian Cobra) we end up touching on one...

The Squadcast – Episode 8: Time for Turtles!
June 17, 2019

The 8th episode of The Squadcast brings us through another awesome holiday – World Turtle Day! It syncs up perfect with the Animal of the Week, the Leatherback Sea Turtle. This leads our hosts to another discussion on the overuse of plastic in society ...

The Squadcast – Episode 7: Timbuktu, The Frog from Pinocchio
June 06, 2019

This episode our radio safari brings Ravmon & Mychal to a plethora of topics. Flamingos, Pinocchio, and more all sneak their way onto the agenda. Mychal gives her review of the Detective Pikachu movie, and the similarities to our real world animals,

The Squadcast – Episode 6: Platypuses & Phobias
May 20, 2019

Mychal is very excited in this week’s episode, as our Animal of the Week is her favorite. The Duck Billed Platypus kicks off our discussion before we check back in on news of the crazy looking Sonic. To wrap things up,

The Squadcast – Episode 5: Sonic Looks Creepy
May 13, 2019

For the 5th episode of The Squadcast our Animal of the Week brings us to the desert. The six-banded armadillo isn’t capable of rolling up in a ball, but they still have some super cool traits! All this talk of balled up animals gets Ravmon & Mychal on ...

The Squadcast – Episode 4: Earth Day Hooray
May 13, 2019

Our 4th episode of The Squadcast is here, and we’ve got a couple big holidays to celebrate! Our Animal of the Week for this episode is the Flemish Giant Rabbit, just in time to connect with Easter. Everyone loves a visit from the bunny rabbit,

The Squadcast – Episode 3: The Tail of the Killer Whale
May 07, 2019

Episode 3, yipee! This time our Animal of the Week is a stone cold killer…killer whale that is! There’s still so much we have to learn about these apex predators, but Ravmon & Mychal are ready to scrape the surface!