Crazy, Rich Neighbors

Crazy, Rich Neighbors

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Ep. 100 - Orphaned At Sea
March 21, 2023

We’re celebrating our 100th episode and dishing on our favorite episode, favorite guest and more! A sugar baby recently crashed a Boca Raton city planning meeting. What did she want and was she succes

Ep. 99 - The Palm Beach Turf Wars
March 14, 2023

The recent influx of New Yorkers and the arrival of the snowbirds has ratcheted up the bad behavior in Palm Beach. Feuds over domestic staff, booked tennis courts and crowded restaurants has the old-m

Ep. 98 - AI And The Killer Clown
March 07, 2023

ChatGPT opines on CRN and created this weeks cocktail, The Clownin Around. Pisces season is upon us! Get the 411 on the Killer Clown murder which claimed the life of a bougie mom in Wellington, Flor

Ep. 97 - The Salt Life Murder
February 28, 2023

Were dissecting the tragic murder of a young woman by one of the millionaire founders of Salt Life. This episode was recorded during Podpopuli's 24 hour Pod-a-thon to raise funds for Give Kids The Wo

Ep. 96 - Country Club Crazies
February 21, 2023

Were spilling the tea on the rich and spoiled who run amok in bougie country clubs with our special guest and friend, Espo, a former manager at a South Florida restaurant. Who were the worst offend

Ep. 95 - Nursing School Scammers
February 14, 2023

This episode is dedicated to a very special member of our Bougie Crew. Marissa joins us from Atlanta to uncover the seedy underworld of nursing school scams and Bennybenben chimes in. How many fake nu

Ep. 94 - Swingers Exposed!
February 07, 2023

*Not kid friendly.* Our in-house expert, Bennybenben, takes us undercover to a local swingers convention. Get the dirty deets on this freaky-deaky weekend and the organization behind it. How did Ben e

Ep. 93 - The Ghosts of Palm Beach
January 31, 2023

*The beginning of the show isnt kid friendly* as we get some unexpected scoop on a local swingers' convention. Its award season and were sipping on Marilyn Monroe cocktails and dishing on the Gramm

Ep. 92 - The Boca Mall Murders
January 24, 2023

Get an update on Flo Rida vs. Celsius. Mias recipe for T-Doli cocktails takes a hilarious turn. Were decoding Mileys new song and music video. Get the gory details about the kidnapping and murder s

Ep. 91 - Local Celebrity Lawsuits
January 17, 2023

The drama is back in our neighborhood as a the threat of a lawsuit looms over one of us. Learn how to make a crazy neighbor repellant - it really works! Were sipping on Spicy Tomato Gin & Toni