Breaking Bitcoin (Audio)

Breaking Bitcoin (Audio)

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If the market tanks this is how we've prepared. Breaking Bitcoin Live Market Update & Trading!
December 12, 2019

Climbing over 200% over the last few weeks, the new darling of the altcoin investing World, MATIC, has lost the majority of its market cap in just a few hours today. Leading many in the crypto Community to brandish their pitchforks,

MATIC Meltdown leads to altcoin mayhem! Doom and gloom in Bitcoin city - ETH & DASH update!
December 11, 2019

Climbing over 200%, the new darling of the altcoin world MATIC, just lost the majority of it's market cap in a matter of hours today, leaving many in the crypto community to raise their pitchforks, and march in the streets calling for the foundation an...

The Bank Coins Cometh! New scare tactics from regulators - BTC a stable coin?!
December 07, 2019

You know, I've been saying for months that we're going to see corporate coins propped up by governments, an attempt to replace Bitcoin, the people's money, and their schemes to then attempt to ban or regulate Bitcoin into the dirt to force us into the ...

Bitcoin Whales press random buy and sell buttons live! Binance Flash Crash - ECB CBDC!
December 06, 2019

Today on Breaking Bitcoin - Margin trading is leading to a dramatic uptick in divorces and foreclosures, ENJIN coin reaches for the skies, and the European Union continues on with their plans for the Digital Euro. Meanwhile,

Bitcoin Gap Filled! Jericho Candle aftermath - DASH Exit Scam - Lightning Network - Live Trading!
December 05, 2019

Today in Breaking Bitcoin: the bulls rejoice as bitcoin's latest jericho candle chews through the stops of late short sellers, causing a 15m that will live in infamy for months to come. now current price action has undisciplined traders panicking,

Bitcoin Bulls Fight Back - Gap Fill or Continued Doom? Is EOS in trouble or is Novogratz wrong?
December 03, 2019

New information reveals that Galaxy Digital has sold all of their EOS holdings. Is this a sign of future trouble for the weathered blockchain, or is Novogratz falling victim to market panic? Meanwhile, over in Bitcoin wick city,

Epic BItcoin Sell Signal Confirmed?! Potential 4k Plunge - HEX Snapshot Thoughts - Cyber Monday!
December 03, 2019

Today in Breaking Bitcoin: Brief break down on HEX, BAKKT traders are passing on physical delivery for some reason, Softbank is to release a debit card with a crypto wallet, and a current look on today's Cryptocurrency markets specially BITCOIN!

Black Friday Bitcoin! Big discount on BTC or market inflection point? Russian Spies and EU Banks!
November 30, 2019

Today in Breaking Bitcoin: Happy Black Friday everyone! As soccer moms and dads elbow past each other for the hottest i phone deal best buy this morning, the bitcoin orderbook is doing it's own brand of juking and whipsaw.

Bitcoin Brawl Kickoff! Thanksgiving Day and Bitcoin's Price Action! Live Analysis & Trading!
November 28, 2019

Today in Breaking Bitcoin - Many thanks will be given on this day of Thanksgiving, for our growth as a community and as traders. The Bitcoin Brawl is off to an exciting start, we'll break down our intra-day strategies.

Upbit hacked for $50 million ETH! China's fragile banking system & a threat to national security.
November 27, 2019

Today in Breaking Bitcoin - bitcoin surges in anticipation of thanksgiving, popular south korean exchange Upbit gets hacked for $50 million in ETH, or was it an inside job? The Kennedy School runs a simulation on virtual currencies contributing to nuc...