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Conscious Community Podcast

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Celebrating 40 Years! – Interview with Kasia Szumal, Publisher
August 29, 2019

By Theresa Puskar To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Conscious Community Magazine, I interviewed our publisher, Kasia Szumal about the magazine’s history, her vision and her intentions for the future of the magazine and our vital community.

Interdependence Day – Interview with Megan Griswold
June 24, 2019

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter For this month’s interview, we had the pleasure to share in conversation with author Megan Griswold. Megan grew up in California in a family that embraced New Age Californian culture. She studied at Barnard College,

The Intentionally Happy Life – Interview with Edith Hall
June 03, 2019

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter For this month’s interview and podcast, we spoke with renowned author and lecturer, Edith Hall. Edith is a Professor in the Department of Classics and Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College in London, England.

Embracing the Feminine Archetypes – Maiden, Mother, Crone – Interview with Danielle Dulsky
May 02, 2019

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter For our May interview, we had the pleasure to share a conversation with author Danielle Dulsky. Danielle explores the wild feminine, humanity’s deep and embodied connection to the natural world through writing,

One World, One Breath – Interview with Bill Douglas
March 28, 2019

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter Recently, we were joined by Bill Douglas, founder of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. Bill is the tai chi expert for Dr. Weil’s websites, the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong,

Seeking Connection – Interview with Justin Roberts and Scott Erickson
March 01, 2019

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter For this interview, we had the honor of speaking with the dynamic and engaging Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson. Justin and Scott collaborated together on the book Prayer: Forty Days of Practice,

Clearing the Way for Love – Interview with Susan Wisehart, M.S., LMFT
February 01, 2019

by Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter This month, we had the privilege to speak with Susan Wisehart, M.S., LMFT. Susan is a holistic psychotherapist and author of the book, Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future.

Go With the Flow – Interview with Monk Yun Rou
December 31, 2018

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter Taoist Monk Yun Rou (formerly Arthur Rosenfeld) was ordained a Taoist monk at the Chun Yang (Pure Yang) Taoist Temple in Guangzhou, China. His writings and teachings promote Taoist philosophy and focus on environmenta...

Loving Kindness for the Holidays – Interview with Bhante Sujatha
November 28, 2018

By Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter Bhante Sujatha is a Theravada Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. He has made it his life’s work to share the teachings of the Buddha and the message of healing through loving kindness.

An Unlikely Healer – Interview with Brent Michael Phillips
November 15, 2018

By Janae Jean & Spencer Schluter – For this podcast, we have a pleasure of speaking with Brent Michael Phillips, a successful M.I.T.-trained engineer who experienced a miracle when his arm (that had been immobile at the elbow after a surgery) healed in...