CompTIA Layers with the IT Security Community

CompTIA Layers with the IT Security Community

Live from ChannelCon 2019 with Dave Watts of InSOC

September 06, 2019

Dig in to all the ways artificial intelligence is being used to protect data from digital spies in this episode of Layers, hosted live from ChannelCon2019 with CompTIA’s IT Security Community. “It’s no longer wargames and a teenager attacking you from their bedroom, it’s professional criminals,” said Dave Watts, CFO of InSOC (

CompTIA community manager Kathleen Martin hosts the episode, which covers the risks of BYOD and INSOC’s “trust but verify” process of employee education. Listen for Dave’s advice on segregating your business and guest networks for extra security, why public wifi might be a bigger hazard than you might think and why cybercriminals don’t care how small your company is — they still want your data.

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