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Comic Book Club

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The Umbrella Podcademy: “Run Boy Run”
July 09, 2020

Five takes a trip to the future while Hazel and Cha-Cha chase him in the present as our Umbrella Academy podcast recaps “Run Boy Run.” Meanwhile, Vanya tries — and fails — to reconnect with her family, Allison gets some bad news,

The Stack: Fantastic Four Empyre, Willow And More
July 08, 2020

On this week’s comic book review podcast, we’ve got: Empyre: Fantastic Four #0, Willow #1, Adventureman #2, DCeased: Dead Planet #1, The Death of Nancy Drew #2, Transformers Galaxies #7, Stealth #3, Quantum and Woody #4,

Comic Book Club: Tze Chun And Neil Kleid
July 08, 2020

On this week’s live broadcast, we’re welcoming guests Tze Chun (Co-founder, Publisher TKO Studios) and Neil Kleid (“Savor”). Plus prizes, Q&A and more! SUBSCRIBE ON RSS, ITUNES, ANDROID, SPOTIFY, STITCHER OR THE APP OF YOUR CHOICE.

Starguys: “Shiv Part Two” Bonus
July 08, 2020

On our bonus podcast for DC’s Stargirl “Shiv Part Two,” we’re taking stock at the halfway point of the series. How does it stack up, visually, to the rest of the DC shows? Plus, a little behind the scenes talk from interviews with Yvette Monreal and Le...

Starguys: “Shiv Part Two”
July 06, 2020

It’s Stargirl versus Shiv round two as our DC’s Stargirl podcast recaps “Shiv Part Two” and some big secrets come out. With Courtney down for the count, Rick, Beth and Yolanda hatch a plan to find out more about Cindy Burman. But Pat isn’t having it,

Let’s Hear It For The Boys: “The Female Of The Species”
July 03, 2020

As The Boys continue to try to track down Compound V, they recruit a new member and we break down “The Female of the Species.” Hughie’s romance with Annie continues, The Deep realizes his true purpose (or is it porpoise?),

The Umbrella Podcademy: “We Only See Each Other At Weddings And Funerals”
July 02, 2020

We’re officially kicking off our catch-up podcast for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy with the first episode of Season 1, “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals.” Seven kids, all with extraordinary powers,

The Stack: All-America Comix, Star And More
July 01, 2020

On this week’s Stack podcast, we’ve got reviews for: All-America Comix #1, Star #5, The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides #1, I Can Sell You A Body #4, Ravencroft #5, The Boys: Dear Becky #2, Backtrack #4, Star Trek: Year Five #12,

Comic Book Club: Daniel Kibblesmith And Adam Lawson
July 01, 2020

On this week’s live broadcast, we’re welcoming guests Daniel Kibblesmith (“Harley Quinn: Black, White and Red” and “Loki”) and Adam Lawson (“The Eighth”). Plus prizes, Q&A and much more! SUBSCRIBE ON RSS, ITUNES, ANDROID, SPOTIFY,

Starguys: “Shiv Part One” Bonus – Nelson Lee Interview
July 01, 2020

On our bonus podcast for Stargirl “Shiv Part One” we’re talking to none other than Nelson Lee, a.k.a. The Dragon King himself. Find out about the origin of his voice, future plans of the ISA, and how playing Dr.