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“Glory, Glory, How They Rule Ya!”
June 11, 2021

Bruce Abramson joins Ron to discuss how Americans can wage a peaceful but determined civil war against the entrenched ruling class of credentialed elites.

“Jack of All Trades”
June 08, 2021

Ron talks about Antifa and the media with the man of the moment – the multi-tool, multi-lingual Jack Posobiec they call the “kingmaker of the right.” They’re right!

“Josh Hammer Nails It”
June 02, 2021

Ron chats with Newsweek opinion editor and all around public intellectual Josh Hammer about the economic and cultural forces that threaten to smother free expression and democracy.

“Jesse Kelly’s Modest Propositions”
May 26, 2021

Ron chats with the unapologetic, unafraid and unvelievable Jesse Kelly, who lays out his tough-love prescription for saving liberty in a time of crisis.

“Willie Montague’s Uphill Run”
May 20, 2021

Willie Montague is a pastor and the Founder and President of House of Timothy Inc., a Florida non-profit mentoring organization for young men between 18 and 25. Now he’s running for ...

“Waxing Eloquent”
May 14, 2021

Gavin Wax, President of the reborn New York Young Republican Club, may not really be the 21st century version of the 1980’s Ron Coleman. But, if he doesn’t have more ...

“The Corporate Message”
May 11, 2021

Ron talks with renowned journalist Sharryl Atkisson, who bears the scars of battling corporate / partisan censorship and narrative enforcement, about the new hard management of news and information.

“Jack Murphy at the Vanguard ”
May 05, 2021

No one is pushing the envelope and defining the leading edge of serious talk about the challenges to liberty facing American now the way Jack Murphy is. Ron asks him ...

“Tell the righteous it will be well with them!” (it’s from the book of Isaiah)
April 22, 2021

Ron’s first guest is the iconoclastic Isaiah Washington, one of the few actors in Hollywood who keeps breaking the rules of wokeness but still gets to eat lunch in that ...