ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

Latest Episodes

"Wax Roots Politics"
November 16, 2022

Gavin Wax, leader of the New York Young Republican Club, has been a star at rebuilding the GOP’s cadres, grassroots efforts and prestige in the Empire State. In this episode ...

“Freiheit at Liberty”
November 07, 2022

Canadian lawyer David Freiheit has become one of North Americas leading video legal commentators as Viva Frei. If its true that liberty means the right to tell people what they ...

“The Other Menken”
October 31, 2022

Rabbi Yaakov Menken wants the world to know that the speaking as a Jew people are speaking for themselves. Jewish sensibility, he explains, is pretty much conservative sensibility. And he ...

“The Exiled King of Memes”
October 25, 2022

Logan Cook, better known as Carpe Donktum, did conservative memes on Twitter so well that he had to be stopped. And even though the phony lawsuit that was used as ...

“Ngo Man’s Land”
October 19, 2022

Left wing terrorist network Antifa fears no one the way it fears Andy Ngo. Antifas commitment to shutting him down has cost him dearly but he has no intention ...

“The Blogfather”
October 12, 2022

Despite his notable scholarly achievements, law professor Glenn Reynolds Instapundit may never live down being one of the most influential law and policy bloggers ever. It doesnt look ...

“The Spectator Lady”
October 06, 2022

Melissa Mackenzie runs The American Spectator the old school conservative magazine that didnt go wobbly. And it had plenty of reasons to.

“All he Wanted was a Pepsi”
September 19, 2022

Aaron Sibarium doesnt claim to be a kind of genius, but he doesnt exactly run away from the suggestion either. Co-host of the Institutionalized podcast and a reporter for ...

“The Quiet Man”
September 13, 2022

John Hayward consistently and quietly offers the smartest takes on just about every policy issue you can think of. So who is he?

“The vision of Dr. Hayworth”
September 06, 2022

Ophthalmologist turned congresswoman Nan Hayworth was redistricted out of office, but if anything thats helped her see more clearly than ever what a mess government has made of healthcare.