ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

ColemanNation - Season 2: Ron Coleman's Interesting People

Latest Episodes

“Grace is Just Glory Begun”
March 27, 2023

What makes a young, normal person with every option in the world gravitate towards conservative activism as that were the most normal thing in the world to do with her ...

“Crisis on the Roof”
March 20, 2023

John Davis overcame an abusive, fatherless childhood to become an Iraq War veteran and the toughest cop on the force. He thought he was chasing happiness until he realized he ...

“All Grown Up with Someplace to Go”
March 13, 2023

CJ Pearson burst onto the scene as a political social media prodigy. Now hes 20, lecturing for Prager University and as energetic, optimistic and loquacious as ever. Watch Ron try ...

“The Ginger Kween”
March 06, 2023

The pundit variously known as the Redheaded Libertarian and Kween Josie has had been tying the haters and creeps on social media in knots for years. But shes always had ...

“On Trial for A Prayer”
February 27, 2023

Pro-life activist Fr. Sean Gough was put in trial in the UK for silently praying outside an abortion clinic. He was acquitted, but a new bill in Parliament may make ...

“All that Glitters”
February 20, 2023

As math major turned counterculture icon Lady Alchemy, Martina Markota was the toast of New Yorks edgy arts scene. Then she started expressing the wrong opinions.

Quoth the Raven, “Never More!”
February 13, 2023

Former Army brat and Congressional candidate Raven Harrison believes Americas been betrayed. And she says weve got to stop putting up with it!

“Rekindling the Flame”
February 06, 2023

Is a RETVRN to classical learning the last best hope for American education? Jeremy Wayne Tate, CEO of the Classical Learning Test, believes the answer is yes. Can parents and ...

“How the FBI Acquired Twitter”
February 03, 2023

Lee Smith returns to the show to talk about the Deep States infiltration of social media, Bidens classified document scandal, and more.

“Chained Gang”
January 30, 2023

Supply-chain guru Jim Nelles explains why the economy is broken, why cities seem hopeless and why hes hanging in there anyway.