CIOs and Bow Ties

CIOs and Bow Ties

Disruptive Technology and Investing with Vivek Wadhwa

September 25, 2018

As investors, we can not ignore the role that disruptive technologies play in shaping the world around us, from consumer trends to the market itself. We were honored to speak with thought leader Vivek Wadhwa on this subject.

Vivek is an academic, researcher, writer, and entrepreneur with appointments at Harvard Law School and Carnegie Mellon University. He writes for the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and ASEE Prism.

Listeners will learn:

2:22 How we are in the midst of building a Star Trek existence 350 years ahead of schedule

5:42 The eventuality that none of us are ready for – how the convergence of technologies disrupts industries in mind-blowing and unthinkable ways and where he sees technology wiping out tens of billions of dollars of industry with five years

10:00 Technology is going to disrupt every industry, not just one. How deeply CEOs, policymakers, and investors underestimate the reach of technology and how far it is going to go – literally into your backyard.

12:36 Examples of how investors can profit from innovations such as AI which will animate everything, according to Vivek, like Excel spreadsheets on steroids.

15:20 Wildest examples of companies profiting by using AI and why it is so valuable.

16:40 Why cryptocurrency is overhyped.

19:20 Immortality may become a reality as consciousness may possibly be able to be stored in the cloud. Researchers are working on decrypting the neurons in our brain and uploading it to the cloud. At this point it is still science fiction but the idea of living forever may become a reality at some point in the distant future.

21:18 How do you select one world-breaking innovation from the other and pick the winners from the losers in the technology space? It’s like going to the casino and with the pouring of money into Silicon Valley it is a winner takes all scenario. Crazy visions are good but they must be grounded in experience and funded.

24:49 Data is the new oil, the most valuable asset there is in the technology industry. Amazon is worth a trillion dollars now because it is all a data game.


This is the most disruptive time in history. We have the ability to create a Star Trek future with the massive amount of change happening over the next 6-7 years. To invest successfully in this new age, learn about the new technologies, understand what they mean and then put them into the context of your investments.

About Vivek Wadhwa

Vivek Wadhwa is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School and Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering at Silicon Valley.  He author of  Your Happiness Was Hacked: Why Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain—and How to Fight Back; The Driver in the Driverless Car: How Our Technology Choices Will Create the Future;  The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent; and of Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology. He has been a globally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post and held appointments at Duke University, Stanford Law School, Emory University, and Singularity University.


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