Chilling With The Diaspora

Chilling With The Diaspora

Promote Africa | ep2: Tap Magazine…Changing The Narrative Around Africa

March 08, 2017

...From Canada

Second episode of the series on "Outlets that promote Africa" is focusing on Moses Mutabaruka, founder of Tap Magazine, which had its first publication in early 2014. Imagine growing up between refugee camps and slums in Africa? And then, just a few years later, putting all your efforts in changing the negative narrative around that same Africa.  Let’s get into his African experience and be inspired...

To discover in this episode:

* How an African refugee turned into the biggest advocate?
* What kept Moses going through adversity ?
* The impact of story telling to Africans
* Why and how documenting African stories as Africans
* What makes TAP magazine so captivating?

Click to Listen:

 Hope you enjoy the show!

* TAP Magazine:
* Ghanaian investigative journalist: Anas Aremeyaw Anas
* Ghanaian visual artist: Denis Owusu-Ansah:
* Discover Rwanda here
* Discover Kenya here
* Kenya | Nairobi | Kawangware: Map it

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