Chilling With The Diaspora

Chilling With The Diaspora

Our Sisters | 005-Part2: Ghanaian “GH” Experience

January 25, 2017

...From Canada

MissGo2Girl, aka the SpiceOfAfrica, representing Ghana -(Part 2)

MissGo2Girl aka the Spice Of Africa representing Ghana - In this second part she explains how she was able to take over this male-dominated industry, her formula to filter opportunities as well as the formation of a strong African entertainment scene in Canada. Let’s get back into her African Experience...
In this part 2,  Ghanaian experience, we'll discover:

* The values and behaviors that helped her take over the industry!
* The formation of an African Entertainment Industry in Canada (Toronto, primarily)
* What's next for her after these massive accomplishments ?
* Much more…

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 Hope you enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

* MissGo2Girl

* Blog:
* Twitter: @missgo2girl
* FB:
* IG:

* Accra, Ghana: Click here to visit it!
* Kumasi, Ghana: Click here to visit it!
* Ashanti Empire: Find out here!
* London, Ontario
* Get a taste of the African Groove show:
* G987 FM:
* African Groove show:

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