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Change It Up Radio

Latest Episodes

080: How Rotary Makes The World Go Round
October 02, 2019

with Laura MacKinnon and Luis Carranza - Rotary Club of Rancho Santa Fe

079: Freedom From Autoimmune Disorders
September 23, 2019

with Desiree Lawn of Autoimmune Health Freedom

078: Will 5G Hurt Me?
September 20, 2019

with Dr. Beverly Rubik

077: Light Energy Medicine & Stem Cell Activation
September 19, 2019

with David Schmidt of LifeWave

076: That Insidious Insomnia
September 05, 2019

with Terese A. Santos of Beauty for the Soul Mentorship -- Also featuring Carson Caldwell of #Bike4Yemen

075: Peace and Volatility
September 03, 2019

with Cheri Blair and also featuring Carson Caldwell

074: Marketing a Miracle
August 12, 2019

with Jim Caldwell - VP of Marketing for LifeWave

072: Think Dignity
July 29, 2019

with Emily Howe of Think Dignity and also featuring Carson Caldwell of #bike4yemen

071: Another Round of Just Paula
July 19, 2019

with Paula Shaw and Carson Caldwell - #bike4yemen