Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Episode 17 Once in a Blue Moon with Brewmaster John Legnard

August 10, 2022

Steve and JP have a great chat with John Legnard, Brewmaster for Blue Moon Beer.

John is a self-proclaimed sheep hunter, conservationist and raffle addict who calls Colorado home.

We delve into a ton of different conversations from how it worked to be an adult-onset hunter, to what it’s like to live at an altitude of almost 2 miles above sea-level. A memorable antelope hunt and a tire blow out, as well and his thoughts on wearing camouflage as much as possible add a ton to a great conversation we are sure you will love.

 John’s perspective on why it’s important to give back to conservation the way he does, and why hunting is so important to him and the mentorship aspect that runs deep within makes an hour just fly by.

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